Flores Leather Works

Flores Leather Works

In a fast-paced society that often thrives off of mass production, it can be difficult to find true craftsmanship. But fear not, Flores Leather Works in Middletown understands the importance of dedicated ingenuity and making things with their hands.


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Built to Last

The smell of authentic leather greets you at the door along with owners Eber and Rebekah Flores as they hone their craft in the back of the store. Their business is reminiscent to the stores of yesteryear. Upon entry, you can often see Rebekah and Eber tending to their beautiful, blue-eyed baby girl as they work. They respect the process, people, and production involved in curating leather goods and do not skimp on the details. Every item in their store is handcrafted with the intrinsic promise to, “last a lifetime, or a few.”


Belt Making


A Labor of Love

Flores Leather Works is flush with impressive inventory including leather belts, handbags, jewelry, wallets, coasters, and more. The passion that goes into hand-making these items is evident in their unmatched quality. They value locally sourcing nearly all of their hides and displaying goods in their store from other neighboring artisans. My personal favorite item that Flores features from another crafter is Auntie B’s Vanilla Lavender Lotion Stick from Woodbury, Minnesota. Its sweet aroma envelops your hands and leaves them feeling smooth and moisturized.


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The couple also creates custom orders upon request. They allow their customers to completely personalize their leather commodities.


Eber and Rebekah Flores are living proof of the mantra, “If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.” Their products and intentions are full of devotion and joy. It’s clear that every leather-bound item is a labor of love.



Flores Leather Works

1050 Central Avenue

Middletown, Ohio 45044



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