Hello Blooms!

Hello Weekend! Hello Blooms! Spring has already sprung and now is a great time to take in all of the beautiful scenery. There are many ways to enjoy the blooms throughout Butler County. These unique venues will allow you to experience bright and colorful scenery!

Bull’s Run Arboretum – Middletown- Bull's Run holds a picnic area, mulched trails, and a creek side trail one-third of a mile long. The property serves as a wildlife laboratory for local schools, garden clubs, conservation groups and nature enthusiasts.

Mary’s Plant Farm Hamilton- Mary’s Plant Farm encompasses three acres of mature display gardens. The plant farm prides itself in designing natural looking gardens.  On special dates you can join Mary on a walk through the woodlands to view her broad wildflower collection. Check the Plant Farm’s website for details and reservations for the wildflower walks.

Butterfield Farm Market Trenton- The greenhouse at Butterfield Farm Market is a must visit! Take home a gorgeous hanging basket, annuals or pick up perennials.  When you return to Butler County in the fall you can pick from hundreds of mums in many fall colors! If you get hungry on your visit to the market there is a large assortment of snacks, ciders and old-fashioned hard candies.

Ready for your getaway? Start your planning with a free Butler County Visitors Guide. Hello Blooms! Hello Weekend!