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Sip, Stroll & Explore with DORA = Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area

What To Know — Locations, Rules, Tips & More! 

Did you know that the DORA Program is in Butler County? That means you can hangout and explore with your friends this summer while with alcoholic beverages... legally. What's the catch? DORA stands for Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area. The Program allows people to order an alcoholic beverage from a participating establishments and explore the city while drinking — as long as it’s in the designated areas, in the DORA plastic cups, and as long as you're 21+ of course. 

Where Can I Go?

DORA Butler County, Ohio

The DORA Program is currently in areas of Hamilton, Middletown, and Liberty Center at participating establishments. For more information and for DORA Maps, check out each individual location below:

Fairfield DORA

Hamilton DORA

Liberty Center DORA

Middletown DORA

Oxford DORA

Who's in? 

General Rules

Rules for each DORA location vary, but generally:

  1. You can only purchase DORA beverages from participating establishments in each location (21+)
  2. One beverage is permitted per cup per use
  3. No cans, glass bottles, or outside beverages are permitted
  4. You must stay within the DORA boundaries with your beverage

Specific rules vary by each city — but always drink responsibly! 



Fairfield is the latest city in Butler County to add a DORA district. It's especially popular for the city's Groovin' on the Green concert series. Look for the DORA stickers in the windows of participating restaurants serving DORA drinks, as well as establishments allowing beverages inside. You can get a DORA drink at local favorites like Richard's Pizza, La Piñata, The Fairfield Pub and more.

Fairfield, Ohio DORA

Photo Credit : City of Fairfield, Ohio

Find all of DORA Fairfield's official rules, participating establishments, frequently asked questions, and more HERE.


In Hamilton, your to-go alcoholic beverage can only be purchased from participating DORA establishments and must be in an official Hamilton DORA cup. Some of the participating restaurants include Neal's BBQ, Municipal Brew Works, Richard's Pizza... and more! 

Hamilton DORA in the park

Photo Credit : Tano Bistro

Find all of DORA Hamilton's official rules, participating establishments, frequently asked questions, and more HERE.


Liberty Center launched it's DORA program in April of 2019. The area within Liberty Center bounded by Liberty Way, Taylor Street, and Warehouse Row are considered within the program's boundries. You can purchase a DORA beverage from places like Agave & Rye, Bar Del Mar, The Roosevelt Room...and more! 

DORA Drink

Photo Credit : Todd Joyce

Find all of DORA Liberty Center's official rules, participating establishments, frequently asked questions, and more HERE.  


In Middletown, you must buy and wear your dated DORA wristband, which is valid from noon-midnight at every establishment. The program's boundaries are marked by signs around Middletown. Participating businesses include, Spoken Bicycles, West Central Wine... and more! 

Middletown, Ohio DORA

Photo Credit : Downtown Middletown Inc.

Find all of DORA Middletown's official rules, participating establishments, frequently asked questions, and more HERE.


During the summer months enjoy a stroll around Oxford and a drink from a local business. Participating businesses will pass out compostable cups that have been provided by Enjoy Oxford. The DORA district boundaries are marked by signs around the city. Participating businesses include Church St. Social, Fiesta Charra, Fridge & Pantry, Kofenya, Steinkeller, and more!

Oxford, Ohio DORA

Find all of DORA Oxford's official rules, participating establishments, frequently asked questions, and more HERE


Come on out and enjoy a sip and a stroll!

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