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"Inside, employees are busily taking orders, bagging doughnuts and stamping cards that’ll help customers earn a Butler County Donut Trail T-shirt." - Wendy and Mike Pramik, USA Today

- Learn about the Butler County Donut Trail, and see a delicious slideshow of sugar and fun on


"Hamilton has gone through a revitalization, transforming their downtown into a cultural hub for arts, dining, recreational activities and downtown living."

- Hamilton, Ohio was featured as one of the 55 Best Small Towns to Visit on a Road Trip of America by


"My visit to Hamilton, Ohio really left an impression on me. It’s a city that’s in the midst of a comeback." - Nedra McDaniel

- Adventure Mom fell in love with Hamilton, Ohio find out where she went on!


"Everything was scrumptious, but my standouts were the fried croissant and chocolate donut filled with peanut butter cream. It was hard not to shovel everything into our faces, but we had two more stops and needed to pace ourselves!" - Alicia Ritchey

- Alicia and Alexis of Wander and Whine had an adventure packed weekend, starting with the Donut Trail. See what donuts they couldn't resist on their blog.


"JUST DO IT! Get it on the calendar. This is the perfect road-trip for families, couples, friends, etc.. Less than two hours away from Columbus. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at everything Butler County has to offer. I know I was." - Megan Rivers

- Get Megan's tips, tricks, and Butler County favorites on her blog, Eat, Play, Cbus.


"Any city that has its own Donut Trail is reason enough for us to pack our bags. But in case your friends need further persuasion, try this..." - Perri O. Blumberg

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Donuts, Free Museums, and Room Upgrades: March Travel Deals  - Harriet Baskas

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18 Family Vacations To Take Before Your Kids Turn 18 - Brittany Anas

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I HIGHLY suggest adding this to your ‘Ohio Bucket List’ – you won’t find anything else like it. - Megan Rivers

- See why Eat, Play Cbus loved Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum on


"We had no idea we’d find such pieces in the middle of a park in southwestern Ohio." - Nick Dekker

- Read the complete "Bustling Around Butler County - Part 1" story on


"The amount of detail is just stunning, from the terrain to the people to the buildings to the river with actual water running through it." - Nick Dekker

- Read the complete "Bustling Around Butler County - Part 2" story on


"With beautiful scenery, vibrant nightlife, a thriving local art scene, historical tours, a wonderful Ohio winery and great local restaurants, Butler County will delight your senses, entice your taste buds and share its laid-back Midwestern spirit with you, luring you back to explore more of its Ohio charms." - Heather Rader

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The Best BBQ In The State Might Just Be In Middletown, Ohio - Austin Coop

- Learn more about this "hidden gem barbecue joint," on


"Here’s to the donut, and to all of the mom-and-pop shops that wake up even earlier to make our breakfast special—a tasty testament to the American way." - Danny Hamen

- Follow along as Stock & Barrel Magazine Writer, Danny Hamen, conquers the Donut Trail on


"I usually hesitate to use the word ‘perfect’ when writing, but this was probably the best poached egg we’ve encountered..." - Nick Dekker

- Learn more about brunch hot spot, Cozy's Cafe & Pub on


"With the pristine surroundings of the university and the inviting streets of downtown Oxford, I found this small town to be quite delightful." - Heather Rader

- Explore 12 Reasons to Visit Butler County on


"I loved the experience obviously because I love donuts, but because I’m a big believer in using food as your entryway to discovering and exploring a new place, and the Donut Trail does just that." - Nick Dekker

- See why the Donut Trail is exciting visitors from around the world at


"Come for the wines, stay for the views. Or come for the views and stay for the wines..." - Heather Rader

- Learn more about award-winning winery, Hanover Winery, at


"The culinary options of Butler County did NOT disappoint. Add a trip to Jungle Jim’s for weird treats to impress your friends and you are sure to leave with incredible memories" - Robin Corsey

- Find your next Butler County foodie adventure with the help of Cbus Local Love


"I’ve always wanted to go on an adventurous weekend with my husband but never knew where to start. What would we do? Where could we go that would (or could) have everything we wanted to do? Would we be driving all around the state? So, I never made it very far. However, I found out that we not only had plenty of adventure not too far from our house but they have basically something for everyone." - Ashley Thompson

- See where a Butler County weekend away took Ashley and her husband, on her blog Just Being Mommy.