• Jul 27

    Exploring the World Outside

    I spent my college years in the Appalachian mountains, and developed a love for getting out in the natural world by taking walks on the Blue Ridge Parkway and sections of the Appalachian Trail. When I moved to Butler County, Ohio, I wasn’t sure that I would find the same

  • Jul 14

    You had Me-At BBQ

    A little BBQ joint in Middletown has been called “quite possibly the best BBQ in the state.” With this type of hype, how could I not check it out and see what all the buzz was about? The secret to amazing BBQ is time and love. Owners, Chris and Lisa

  • Jul 14

    Blackberries, Brownies, and Memories

    Summers are precious, they’re here and then they’re gone. The same goes for time with our little ones and sweet summer berries. Perfect combo, right? Family time, summer days, and berry picking! I hit the trifecta at Indian Springs Berry Farm. Seemed like a great excursion for a little one

  • Jul 11

    Oxford Coffee Company: Roasting Perfection

    Coffee is so complex! No, I’m not talking about ordering a venti, half-sweet, skim milk, Caramel Macchiato. I’m talking about a regular cup of coffee, and all the steps that go into producing a single cup. From picking the plant to the final pour, the entire process is not easy

  • Jul 11

    FigLeaf Brewing Company

    Brews, board games, and even cold brew coffee on tap! Get acquainted with FigLeaf Brewing Company. Have a seat at the handmade bar crafted from reclaimed 1800s barn wood, or watch the brewing process and enjoy your drink from a stool overlooking the production area. In addition to 20 beers