• Apr 30

    The Scoop on Soft Serve

    Soft serve ice cream and warm sunny days are the greatest duo since peanut butter & jelly. The delicious mix of flavors swirled so perfectly together tastes like summertime in a cup. The seasonal openings of the soft serve confectionaries around Butler County are widely anticipated events. Hands with cones
  • Apr 26

    Where the Wildflowers Are

    The sun is shining high and there are flowers beneath our feet – it’s finally spring! Now that it’s warm and bright outside, I’m ready to get back to the outdoors and take on new adventures. One of my favorite parts about the feeling of spring is the sight of
  • Apr 25

    Farm Market Charm

    Nothing revives my sleepy Saturday soul quite like a trip to the farmers market. With a steaming mug of coffee in hand, I slowly peruse and admire the homegrown and handmade specialties each vendor has to offer. Their faces beam with humble pride as they display their dedicated works, each
  • Apr 17

    Leo's Top Ten

    Butler County will surprise and delight you if you give it the chance. I didn't know what to expect or would find on my first drive up I-75 North from Cincinnati in October of 2016. After a year and a half working as a Marketing Intern and then Assistant Marketing
  • Apr 17

    Pops of Local Color

    Flowers form a bit of a symbiotic relationship with those who care for them. Through nurturing, consistent attention from their planters, they grow and flourish. Their beauty becomes a patient reward for the time and effort that’s poured into them. The Two Little Buds team have blossomed from this fruitful
  • Apr 12

    The Spicy Olive

    The Spicy Olive in West Chester is much more than an olive oil tasting room. It is an elevated shopping experience that aims to make your day, food, and health better. They’ve taken what some would consider a minor cooking component and turned it into something much bigger. When you
  • Apr 10

    Fresh Spring Flavors from The Coach House

    The Coach House is a culinary gift to the vibrant Hamilton dining scene. Their passion and commitment to excellence is unwavering and made abundantly clear by their immensely dedicated team and tasty creations. They craft an experience that’s inventive yet consistent. Every delicious dish, beautiful garnish, and welcome greeting is
  • Apr 6

    Spring Event Roundup

    Signs of spring are starting to shine through, and I could not be more excited. If you’re anything like me, then you are ready to get out and explore in the beautiful weather! For some fun in the sun inspiration, here are 9 events to add to your calendar. From
  • Apr 4

    Telling A People's Story

    There are certain things that we see during our complex, human experience that stop us in our tracks and make us look at life from a different point of view. I experienced one of those moments while visiting the Telling A People’s Story exhibit at the Miami University Art Museum