• Jul 19

    Step Inside the Soldiers, Sailors, & Pioneers Monument

    The Butler County Soldiers, Sailors, and Pioneers Monument has an unmistakably stoic and proud presence on Hamilton’s South Monument Avenue. The history and stories that lie within its marble walls and stained-glass windows are immeasurable. It came into fruition to honor the men and women of Butler County who served
  • Jul 18

    Connecting Light, Sound, & Sculpture

    You may notice a few unfamiliar sights and sounds in Hamilton’s beloved sculpture park. Pyramid Hill will be alive with the work of Craig Colorusso, an innovative artist who explores the crossroads of light, sound, and space through his profoundly beautiful sculptures. Experience the dream-like state that Colorusso creates through
  • Jul 16

    Find Me at the Adventure Zone

    How do you define a perfect summer day? For me, I know I’ve had a perfect day when I get home feeling exhausted from all of the fun I had. One of those experiences occurred recently at Aqua Adventures, a new water park in Middletown. From climbing through the Wibit
  • Jul 2

    A Chef's Story

    Stories connect us. They create this beautiful space where we can share & bond over one another's experiences. Stories are not just limited to written and verbal communication. Some express themselves through dance, song, or theater. Charlotte Akoto of Divine Appetite Café in West Chester (more affectionately known as Chef
  • Jul 2

    A Day on the Trails: Horseback Riding in Butler County

    When visiting somewhere new, it can be invigorating to see it from a new perspective: whether that means out a train window or from a carriage ride, the view is exciting. One of the best ways to see Butler County’s natural beauty is atop a horse at one of the