• Nov 19

    A City Oasis

    Riverside Natural Area shares an unassuming entrance with Fairfield’s Joyce Park. On a pretty November Saturday, you’ll drive in and see the remote control airplane enthusiasts skillfully flying on your right and passionate youth football players practicing on your left. It’s chilly, but unusually bright for a November day. In

  • Nov 8

    Find Americana Fare at Fantasy Diner

    When you walk into Fantasy Diner and Ice Cream Parlor in Monroe, tilt-a-whirl levels of nostalgia consume you. This down-home diner sits on the land formerly known as Fantasy Farm. From 1963 to 1991, families traveled far and wide to Monroe for this kid-centric amusement park; filling their bellies with

  • Nov 2

    Autumn Breeze & Crunchy Leaves

    It’s that magical time of year where the leaves shed their summer green for the vibrantly colorful tones of fall. Wonder and wander around these 5 scenic parks to experience the best autumn breeze and crunchy leaves. Dudley Memorial Park Experience autumn’s finest hour at the gorgeous Dudley Memorial Park