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10 Things To Try In 2020

Adventure More. Worry Less. Take More Chances.

What's on your bucket list? Want to try something new? Discover a new hobby? Travel? Adventure? 

This is the year to do it! Make this your year to get out there, see new places, do new things, and discover new favorites. Here in Butler County, we have a little something for everybody, whether you're completing a Summer bucket list, planning a vacation full of adventures, or looking to try something new. From wild and risky, to new challenges, to fun events and activities— Butler County is full of adventure and discoveries. Here are 10 things to try this year, or to add to your bucket list! 

1. Attend At Least One of Jungle Jim's Festivals

Jungle Jim’s International Market is a 6-acre foodie paradise. It’s one of those places that you truly have to see to believe— just your first trip there is an adventure in itself. Their vast food selection has offerings from 70 different countries! It can be difficult to experience all that Jungle Jim’s has to offer alone, which is why the massive store throws several weekend long events throughout the year.

Jungle Jim's Fest

Photo Credit : Jungle Jim's International Market

These festivals center around their different varieties of cheese, craft beers, BBQ, bourbon and more. Whether you consider yourself a true foodie, or are just looking for a weekend getaway...these festivals are a great time. Not to mention, a lot of their festivals will now be held at their brand new Oscar Station

Oscar Station


2. Do You Dare to Donut? Complete The 2020 Donut Trail 

Can you devour the trail? 12 local donut shops, 1 passport and an empty stomach is all you need! The Butler County Donut Trail is a must on any bucket list.

Donut Trail Donuts

You can travel around Butler County and complete the trail on your own time. Once you receive a stamp from every shop on your passport, you'll earn your Donut Trail T-shirt! If you have already completed the trail once before, make it a goal to do it this year too, and collect a new shirt. Every year the Donut Trail comes out with a new T-shirt color and design. Why not collect them all?

Donut Trail 2020 Shirt


3. Free Fall Into The Air — Indoors or Outdoors 

Everyone has thought about skydiving at least once— make 2020 the year you actually do it! Start Skydiving in Middletown is your go-to. The experienced and friendly staff makes the jump a breeze...and a once in a lifetime moment. 


If you're sitting there thinking, NO Way...there's still an option for you too. iFly in Liberty Township is a great alternative to the traditional skydiving. Experience the feeling of floating in the air through an indoor wind tunnel. It's the perfect test to see if you want to do the real thing. 

iFly indoor skydiving


4. Spice Up Your Insta at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Hamilton is home to a beautiful park full of unique sculptures, and endless selfie possibilities. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum is one of the largest sculpture parks in the United States. The park is 300+ acres of massive sculptures, beautiful art, and a perfect picnic spot. 

Pyramid Hill art sculpture

The park is not only an ultimate selfie spot, but fun for the whole family. Parents, kids, friends and even pets— there's so much to explore. 

Fun at Pyramid Hill


5. Create Your Custom Six Pack at Grandpa Joe's

Ranch Dressing, Maple Bacon, Dill Pickle...yes these are all flavors of soda at Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop. With over 200 unique, wacky, and nostalgic flavors to choose from, you might not be able to try them all. 

Grandpa Joe's Soda Wall

You could spend all day checking out the flavors. Here's a real challenge— grab a Grandpa Joe's create your own, and pick only six flavors to try. Don't worry, they have all the classic flavors too!

Six sodas from Grandpa Joe's


6. Attend the Shandon Strawberry Festival

Who doesn't love fresh strawberries? Each year Shandon celebrates summer's favorite berry in a BIG way. Check out the Old Fashioned Strawberry Festival this June for strawberry picking, fresh food, games, shopping and more.

Strawberry Festival Sign

This beloved tradition offers a ton of strawberry treats, but it's not all about strawberries. Check out over 40 local vendors and artists, listen to live music, and catch a free pony ride. The menu also includes Shandon’s traditional hot pressed chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, and homemade pies...although we highly recommend the Strawberry Shortcake. 

Fresh Strawberries


7. Complete the Bagel & Deli Challenge 

Who's up for the challenge? Bagel & Deli in Oxford has been around for over 40 years, and has 96 outrageous bagel combinations. Feeling lucky? Try The Lottery – One meat, one cheese, two solid toppings and two liquid toppings all selected by Bagel and Deli Shop.

Bagel from Bagel & Deli

One bagel not enough? Try them ALL! Complete this challenge and earn your very own T-shirt, an incredible foodie experience, and an awesome story to tell.

Bagel & Deli Shirt


8. Try Your Creativity at a KC Flower Farm Workshop

Floral arrangements are an intricate and unique form of art...but KC Flower Farm makes it look easy with their workshops. Make it a girls trip with your mom, sister, kids or friends and join them for a workshop to make your own beautiful bouquet. 

KC Flower Farm

What makes KC Flower Farm so special is they don't have a generic flower menu. All of their arrangements and pieces are custom designed so no two will ever be the same. Grab a ticket to one of their workshops to enjoy drinks, light bites and connect with your creative side! 

Beautiful Bouquet

Photo Credit : KC Flower Farm


9. Go ALL Out at Full Throttle 

Test your wild and adventurous side at Full Throttle Adventure Park with three blood pumping actives— Indoor Racing, Axe Throwing, or The Smash Room. 

Jump right into the action with racing. There are karts available for anyone ages 4—94. There are two state of the art, high-speed tracks to conquer and the karts get up to 40mph. 

Go Karting!

Photo Credit : Full Throttle Adventure Park

Don't have the need for speed? Axe Throwing might be the adventure for you. It's exactly as it sounds. You throw a sharp axe at a wooden target in Full Throttle's 20-foot long cages. This might sound dangerous...but don't worry. The staff will give you all the safety training and tips you'll need.

Axe throwing

Photo Credit : Full Throttle Adventure Park

Last but not least...The Smash Room. Again, this is exactly what it sounds like. Have you ever had the urge to smash a glass bottle, throw a plate at the wall, or destroy that printer at work that always jams? Well, now you can. Full Throttle provides you with everything you need to safely smash items with no consequence or clean up.

The Smash Room

Photo Credit : Full Throttle Adventure Park


10. Discover All The Offerings From The Fitton Center 

Come curious and leave inspired. If you haven't been to The Fitton Center for Creative Arts, you should definitely add it to your list. The Fitton Center is a non-profit arts organization that has been a part of it's community for over 20 years, and it's an experience from start to finish. 

Fitton Center entrance

Photo Credit : The Fitton Center

There's always something going on— live performances, art workshops, theatre shows, musicians and more. If you don't have time for a show or an art class, you can also stroll through their remarkable art galleries. With so much to offer, you're bound to discover something new.

Fitton Center looking at art


So... What's on your Bucket List?


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