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3 New Stunning StreetSpark Murals

These new murals bring more color to the streets of Hamilton, thanks to the StreetSpark program.

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 Every year since 2015, Hamilton's StreetSpark program brings new vibrancy to the city in the form of mural art. In total, the artists of StreetSpark have painted 14 incredible outdoor murals, including the three most recent works of art painted throughout the Summer of 2020. These new beauties amplify the surroundings of the city’s North End, Jefferson Park and the local neighborhoods. Check out the new completed murals below— each with their own unique concept. 


1. The Robros

Lead Artist and Designer: Logan Walden

Supporting Artists: Kinsey Downs, Jamie Schorsch

Location: 802 Heaton Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Hamilton RoBros Mural

This mural features two larger-than-life robot brothers amidst a vibrant pink sky. The designer of the mural, Logan Walden, intended for the building windows to be used as the robot's eyes. The North End neighborhood has a strong industrial history, so this design concept pays tribute to that as well. 

Logan Walden's RoBros Mural


2. Garden of Dogs

Lead Artist and Designer: Christian Dallas

Supporting Artists: Mark Hanavan, Olga Klepinger, Emily Mason, Sydnie Reatherford, Latosha Stone

Location: Elite Performance & Wellness | 190 N. Brookwood Avenue | Hamilton, Ohio

Garden of Dogs Mural

Hidden within this mural are multiple symbolic messages of Ohio— including buckeyes to represent Ohio's state tree, carnations to represent the state flower, trillium to represent the state wildflower, and lady bugs to represent the state bug.

There are also seven bulldogs included representing Hamilton High School’s mascot. Can you spot any?

Hamilton StreetSpark Murals


3. Garden Parade

Lead Artist and Designer: Lizzy DuQuette

Supporting Artists: Sarah Baker, Emilie Abrams

Location: Jefferson Park | Corner of East & Henley Avenues

Garden Parade Mural

135 feet of pure mural joy! This whimsical work of art features a group of children parading between giant sunflowers and garden creatures. The concept was inspired by the mission of the Boys and Girls Club and the surrounding Jefferson community, to help all children feel welcomed and instill a sense of belonging.

Hamilton Murals Garden Parade

All Photo Credits to StreetSpark (@streetsparkart) 

The StreetSpark program was founded in 2015 in partnership with the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, the City of Hamilton, and the Hamilton Community Foundation. This public art program aims to help enhance the arts identity of Hamilton as well as create more opportunities for local artists. 

Download the current Street Spark Murals Map  

When you visit a mural, snap a photo and tag #streetsparkselfie on social media!

StreetSpark Murals Map


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