Jolly's Drive-In
Food & Drink

80+ Years of Jolly's and Still Going Strong

Drive-In Dining, Homemade Root beer, and Foot Long Hot Dogs 

    This classic drive-in dining allows for you to order your food from your car and have it delivered straight to your window. The menu at Jolly's has almost been the same since they opened up in the Spring of 1937, offering classic homemade root beer, foot long hot dogs, hamburgers and root beer floats that are to die for. Jolly's is the perfect place to enjoy great food during the hot Summer months. 

Hotdogs, Root Beer, and More

Jolly's Drive-In offers a variety of food options ranging from hotdogs, foot longs, hamburgers and even freshly popped popcorn. This classic drive-in restaurant has been a fan favorite through Hamilton throughout the years, offering a classic experience while dining from your car. 

Hotdogs and Footlong's