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3 New Murals Coming to Hamilton

Three new murals are coming to Hamilton thanks to the Street Spark program! The murals will bring even more colorful art to the City of Sculpture

The Street Spark program was founded in 2015 in partnership with the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, the City of Hamilton, and the Hamilton Community Foundation. This public art program aims to help enhance the arts identity of Hamilton as well as create more opportunities for local artists. 

"Through this program we continue to energize our streetscape, create awareness of the arts, and spark new development throughout Hamilton," — Street Spark


The program’s 12th, 13th and 14th murals are planned to be painted in Summer 2020, bringing beauty to the city’s North End, Jefferson and Taft Place/Governor’s Hill neighborhoods. Here's what they have planned:




Photo Credit : Street Spark

This mural titled Robros will be painted at 802 Heaton Street, in the North End. The mural is bright, modern and a fun take relating to North End's industrial past as the home to the Fordson Tractor Plant, operated by a subsidiary of Ford Motor Co. The artist, Logan Walden, is using existing windows on the currently unoccupied building as eyes for the two machines.

Artist Logan Walden

Photo Credit : Street Spark

Meet the Artist: Logan Walden is a painter, illustrator and digital artist living in Hamilton. 

"My paintings of other worlds and sci-fi fantasy concepts cultivate a sense of wonder and spiritual connectivity. I believe my work is important in the sense that I am a conduit of something greater which channels through my imagination and creative abilities to be revealed on canvas," he says on his website. See more of his work here


Garden of Dogs

Garden of Dogs Mural

Photo Credit : Street Spark

This mural titled Garden of Dogs will be painted on the Elite Performance & Wellness building at 190 N. Brookwood Ave. The mural features a dynamic garden of flowers, with more intricate details as you look more closely. Many of the flowers depicted in the design are also connected to the local area. 

Artist Christian Dallas

Photo Credit : Street Spark

Meet the Artist: Christian Dallas is a contemporary painter and muralist who works in the greater Cincinnati area.

"Observing the unique scale of each wall and its surroundings, Christian uses the many elements of design and painting technique, to create a unique and thoughtful work of art that intends to complement its urban surroundings," it states on his website. See more of his work here


Garden Parade

Garden Parade Mural

Photo Credit : Street Spark

This mural titled Garden Parade will be painted on the wooden fence in Jefferson Park located near East and Henley avenues, in the Jefferson neighborhood. The mural portrays a fun group of children parading between giant garden flowers and creatures. The colors will really pop against the dark background, and the artist's design has a similar feel of children's book illustrations. 

Artist Lizzy DuQuette

Photo Credit : Street Spark

Meet the Artist: Lizzy DuQuette is a multi-media artist, illustrator and teaching artist from Cincinnati.

"She works closely with youth and adult residents in Cincinnati, Ohio, teaching workshops and developing community driven projects with MYCincinnati Youth Orchestra, Price Hill Will, Visionaries + Voices, and ArtWorks Cincinnati," it states on her website. See more of her work here


Download the current Street Spark Murals Map

When you visit a mural, snap a photo and tag #streetsparkselfie on social media!

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