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Blackberries, Brownies, and Memories

Summers are precious, they’re here and then they’re gone. The same goes for time with our little ones and sweet summer berries. Perfect combo, right? Family time, summer days, and berry picking! I hit the trifecta at Indian Springs Berry Farm.


Seemed like a great excursion for a little one, so I stopped by with my husband and two-year-old on a Wednesday evening to check it out. Located on a family farm in Fairfield Township, two acres of organic blackberry bushes greet visitors at the edge of the parking lot.

Indian Springs Berry Farm


Owners, Jason and Beth Pratt, are a retired military family who recently returned to the area after years serving our country. Jason grew up on the farm which is still owned by his mother. After learning about another u-pick berry farm in Florida, he decided to transform a horse pasture into a blackberry patch and the idea for Indian Springs Berry Farm was born.


Two years after planting, the berries are ripe and ready. The idea is simple, bring your own basket or bucket (or purchase one on site), pick as many as you like, weigh and pay. That’s it!

 Indian Springs U Pick Blackberry Farm


After a quick lesson on berry picking, (completely dark blackberries are ripe, any red color and they’re still tart), we were off and running. My little girl was a natural and could easily pick berries near the ground. She enjoyed hunting for them underneath leaves and pointing to the blackest berries in each group. Of course, she had to taste some too.

U Pick Blackberry Farm

 U Pick Blackberry Farm Butler County, Ohio


Two pounds of berries later, we decided to wrap up and head toward the payment stand. Berries are $5.99 per pound, plus the container cost if you need to purchase one.

 U Pick Blackberry Farm Butler County, Ohio


As soon as we got home, we pulled out the mixer and decided to bake some blackberry cheesecake brownies. Seemed like a perfect way to finish a blackberry filled day.

 U Pick Blackberry Farm Butler County, Ohio


Two hours and lots of sugar later, with the brownies cooled we bit in. Delicious and fresh!

If you're so inclined... Blackberry Cheesecake Brownie Recipe


An amazing ending to a busy summer day, but well worth the time we spent together as a family. I highly recommend a visit to Indian Springs Berry Farm. Be sure to check out their schedule for picking dates and times before you go. For updates on quantities and open hours, visit their Facebook page.


Tracy K Bio Butler County

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