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Every Kid's Candy Dream

Gummies, Cotton Candy, Ice Cream— Oh my! 

Candy Stash Sweets & Treats

Liberty Township is now home to the store of every child’s dream…The Candy Stash Sweets and Treats! Walking into The Candy Stash feels like walking into a real-life version of candy land. Vibrant colors invite you in, and all kinds of sweets are lined down every wall.

A Candyland Dream

When Missy Wagner first took over the shop last year, she wanted it to be fun space for the entire family. “I want people to come in here, have a sweet treat, and just enjoy each other,” she says. 


Candy Stash lollipop

As a school teacher for 20 years and with 3 kids of her own, having her very own candy store has been a dream come true. “I always loved Willy Wonka,” she jokes. “So now I get to be him.” 

The Candy Stash opened back up in October of 2019 after Missy bought the store. With a revived mission in mind, she has been working on bringing every aspect of the shop to life. From rolled ice cream, to cotton candy, to chocolate and gummies, or even candy by the decade…her goal is to have something something for everybody. 

Candy at Candy Stash

With two little kids and one in college, Missy's family has been involved from the beginning. "It all started out as bedtime stories that I told them over and over again, stories about visiting or owning candy stores and factories," Missy says. "These bedtime stories snowballed into opening our doors here at The Candy Stash."

The main goal of The Candy Stash is to be an experience, and part of that mission is to have something for everyone. Missy goes out of her way to find candy from all over, and include sweets that can be enjoyed by anyone. For those with allergies, The Candy Stash offers Philly Italian Ice as an alternative. This Italian ice is not only delicious, but also dairy-free, nut-free and soy-free. 

The Candy Stash is not just for kids either...people of any age can find their favorites in the Candy by the Decade section, which features candy that was made in the 40s and every decade after. There is also a Sugar Free section, Around the World Section, and Gummy section that includes gummies that are made from pork-free gelatin. Missy also takes requests for other favorites if they don't currently sell it! 

The Sweet Stash Box

And...What if you want it all? There's a solution for that too. The Sweet Stash Box is your opportunity to fill up your own box of goodies for $5.55! There's only three rules:

  1. The box must close (boxes are provided by the shop)
  2. You have to get different kinds of candy 
  3. Includes anything in the baskets & unwrapped candy 

Candy Stash candy box fun!

Fun For Everyone

The Candy Stash has so much to offer, but here's a few others I had to mention...

  • Mystery Bags — White bags labeled anywhere from $1 to $10. Pay at the counter, and open it up later to see what surprises you got!
  • Cotton Candy — Fluffy, melt in your mouth cotton candy in almost any flavor you can think of. Vanilla, orange, grape, blue raspberry...or pick out your favorite hard candy flavor, and they can transform that too! 
  • Freshly Popped Popcorn — Always on deck and ready to share! 
  • Games & Toys — As if the candy wasn't enough, the shop also has a variety of games, puzzles and toys up front so kids can play and enjoy. You can also find a variety of candy toys for purchase!
  • Birthday Parties — Typically parties include 1 hour with the entire store to yourself, an ice cream or Philly ice for each guest, and a Sweet Stash Box for each guest to take home.

Overall, Missy hopes to create an environment of funky fun, with a personal touch. "We call this our Mom & Poppy store," Missy says. "I want to know you by name, and if I don't, I want to get to know you." 

Missy already has a group of regulars, high school students, that have a goal to try every flavor of rolled ice cream that The Candy Stash has to offer...which is quite a few. 

Rolled Ice Cream

The Candy Stash's rolled ice cream is a long-time customer favorite. There's an entire binder at the ice-cream counter with tons of fun flavors, and each one can be customizable. 

Rolled Ice Cream in the Making

Step 1: Choose your flavor(s) and topping(s)!

Rolled ice cream menu

Step 2: Watch the magic happen.

Step 3: Get ready to roll... 

Rolled ice cream process

Step 4: Enjoy! Pictured is The Unicorn

The Unicorn rolled ice cream


The Candy Stash Sweets & Treats might be too sweet to fully describe. You'll have to check out all that they offer for yourself, and if you meet Missy— ask her for her 30 second tour! 


Candy Stash Sweets & Treat
7125 Liberty Centre Dr.
West Chester, OH 45069


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