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Craft Cream Works Makes the Dream Work

Spring brings fresh blooms, while summer brings fresh new scoops. Craft Cream Works in West Chester is wowing ice cream connoisseurs with their incredibly inventive flavors. Owners & friends Patrick Strang and Alex Becker wanted to add some spectacular specialty ice cream to Butler County’s robust soft serve scene. They’re risk takers and inventors at their core; Craft Cream Work’s ice cream is a direct reflection of that.

Craft Cream Works Ice cream Cone in a Cup


Flavor Aficionados

Patrick has been baking for over a decade and is continuously inspired by the flavors and intricacies of desserts and craft beer pastry stouts. He began with a small ice cream maker at home, making small batches of fun flavors for his friends and family. Creations like Biscoff Cookie and Peanut Butter Oreo began to explode, and Patrick quickly outgrew his at home operation. 


Can’t Choose Just One Flavor? No Worries. 

The Craft Cream Works duo is committed to excellence, creativity, and the pursuit of foodie adventure. They offer ice cream flights in their sweet West Chester shop. You can try four different delicious flavors and choose your favorite. 

Photo: Craft Cream Works Facebook


Craft Cream Works has gone into uncharted ice cream territory with blends like Raspberry Chocolate Tart – a flavor that came to Alex in a dream, Fluffernutter, Berry Crunch (There are literal Captain Crunch Berries in it and all my dreams came true), and Maple Bacon. They currently tout over 20 flavors with 25 more in the works. 

Photo: Craft Cream Works Facebook


Their shop is reminiscent to an old school soda shop with some modern twists. What struck me the most was just how much Patrick and Alex genuinely love their craft. They get psyched about new flavors and can’t wait for growth and executing new ideas in the future. Their customer service is unparalleled, and they encourage all customers to try samples of their wildest flavors. 

Have a scoop or two in one of their homemade waffle cones and see what makes this place so memorable. 


Craft Cream Works

7736 Dudley Ave. 

West Chester, Ohio 45069

Crafty Cream Works Facebook

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