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"What makes Butler County so special for our family is how children and adults with disabilities are supported and welcomed in this community."

Jivanjee Family at EnterTRAINment Junction

Article by Jessica Jivanjee, featured in the 2022 Butler County Insider Guide.

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Meet the Jivanjee Family

As a family including one son with cerebral palsy who happens to be wheelchair bound and three autistic children, we are so grateful to live in the Cincinnati region. 

Jivanjee Family in VOA Park, West Chester Ohio

There are many places, events, and museums that all of my children love, including great ones in Butler County, Ohio. We're excited to tell you about some of our top picks.

EnterTRAINment Junction

EnterTRAINment Junction in West Chester is one of our favorite wheelchair accessible places to visit. The model train display is full of buttons that my children love to push so that they can hear all of the sounds, watch all of the lights, and turn on the trains.

Wheelchair Accessible, EnterTRAINment Junction Ohio

The on-site A-Maze-N Funhouse has so much to offer for more sensory input. With my children having autism, they are interested in lights, vibration, and anything that spins and has fast movement. EnterTRAINment Junction has all of that and much more. 

EnterTRAINment Junction, West Chester Ohio

It's also perfect for rainy days, hotter days, and somewhere warm to take the kiddos all winter long to release some fun energy. 

Seasonal events like Jack O'Lantern Junction and Christmas at the Junction are extra magical. 

Christmas at EnterTRAINment Junction

We met Santa at EnterTRAINment Junction and he got down on his knees to speak to my son in his wheelchair. My son felt so loved and was so full of joy. 

Liberty Center

If you're looking for a relaxed day out, be sure to visit Liberty Center.

Family at Liberty Center Ohio

With accessible features, cool mural backdrops, tasty restaurants to try, and great shopping options, it's the perfect place to meet up with friends. 

Liberty Center Ohio Murals

Marcum Park

Another favorite Butler County spot is Marcum Park. Located in downtown Hamilton, this wheelchair-friendly oasis is within walking distance from a hotel, restaurants, and so much more. All of the kids absolutely love the splash pad. Adults always look forward to the DORA district and enjoy drinks while the kiddos have a great time all around the city.

Marcum Park Splash Pad, Hamilton Ohio

While in Hamilton, wander just down the street to InsideOut Studio. Here, all of the artists are wonderful adults with disabilities. Every purchase helps provide them income. I am so thankful to have been able to witness such a beautiful studio. We love supporting them and taking home their beautiful artwork. 

Family at VOA Park, West Chester Ohio

Butler County has so much to offer and we are thankful Butler County includes all families. But what makes it so special for our family is how children and adults with disabilities are supported and welcomed in this community.


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