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In October of 2010, Marianne Dunham opened up her dream boutique in West Chester, Ohio— sMari Designs. Five years later, the shop moved to a new location in the Liberty Center. For the last decade, Marianne has created a relaxing, comforting atmosphere within her shop and is always on the look out for new, unique items to share with her customers. sMari Designs is the perfect gift shop— whether you're shopping for the holidays, a special occasion, or even treating yourself. Marianne pays extra attention to all of the items that she chooses, making sure they are locally made or made in the USA, and that they are items you can't find everywhere else.

"We get new inventory in almost everyday," She says, "It's like Christmas all the time!"


sMari Designs is always evolving with new products, beautiful displays and one-of-a-kind gifts, so there is always something for everybody. This boutique is one you could spend hours in just browsing and admiring the finer details— which we highly recommend! But if you're looking for some sMari gift inspiration, here are a few of our favorite things...


1. Friendship Trees

Friendship Tree

There are no two Friendship Trees alike... these beautiful little gifts are all made with rocks from the Colorado River. The rocks range in size and color, but each tree has one single leaf left on the branches. This is called the Stubborn Leaf, and each rock comes with a poem about unwavering friendship. "It's the perfect gift for the person who has everything," Marianne says. 


2. Friendly Candles

Friendly Candles

These Friendly Candles have become a very popular item at sMari this year. While each candle does smell amazing, the best part of this gift is the label. Each one has plant seeds embedded into the wrapping, so when you're done burning the candle... you can plant the label to grow your own plant. It's really two gifts in one! 


3. Jewelry 

Stay Humble Necklace

sMari is a mecca for any and all jewelry lovers. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings— all with their own special details. Before opening sMari Designs, Marianne actually made her own jewelry. Every now and then, she still does and will bring in her creations to the shop... so if you're lucky you'll be able to snag a one-of-a-kind piece! 


4. Sassy Gifts

Funny Coasters

When you visit, be sure to take a look at all of the greeting cards, wall hangings, and other fun little gifts in the back right corner. In my last trip, I loved checking out these coasters— each with their own funny and sassy sayings. 


5. Mudpie

mudpie Collection

The perfect for a gift to yourself, housewarming present, for the person who loves cook or host a party... or for just about any occasion. sMari carries a large variety of Mudpie items, specialized in creating pieces designed for all of life’s occasions. Especially within the Home category, you'll find a ton of seasonal gifts, items for the kitchen, trendy pieces, and positive messages. 


6. Decorative Soaps

Finchberry Soaps

"For me, it's all about the packaging... I love things that stand out," Marianne says. Which is exactly why she was drawn to these Finchberry soaps. Not only do these have a stunningly unique appearance, but they are also vegan, gluten-free, and handcrafted in Florida. Each individual bar contains natural, food grade ingredients, a decadent appearance, and a lovely scent. 


7. BrüMate 

Brumate margaritas

Another super popular item this year has been sMari's BrüMate collection. These products keep all of your favorite drinks perfectly chilled until the last drop with a sleek, stylish design. sMari carries a wide range of colors and styles... including the Margtini, Shaker Pints, Champagne Flutes, and the perfectly sized cooler for any White Claw fan! 


8. Baby Gifts 

Baby Rocketship Socks

In the back left corner of the shop, you'll find the most adorable gifts for every parent-to-be. Baby books, games, clothes, toys and the perfect presents for the parents too! There are so many details in every item. One of my favorites is the books— each story has a special message for kids, and some of the books are accompanied by a plush toy. 


9. For Furry Friends

Dog Adopted Bandanna

Can't forget the pet-parents! Marianne makes sure to keep a section of the store dedicated to our furry friends. You can find pet bandannas, picture frames, home decor and other cute gifts for all the special animals in your life, or in a loved one's. 


10. Wedding Gifts 

Wedding Gift

Last but not least, sMari is known for always having the most beautiful and well-thought wedding gifts. Whether you're a bride looking for bridesmaids gifts, a guest looking for a newlyweds present, or anything in between, sMari is your spot for discovering some of the most unique and meaningful wedding gifts. 


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