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The holiday season is in full swing, which means it’s time to start your shopping! If you’re just getting started, the biggest questions are often where to go and what to buy – especially when shopping for the fashionistas in our life… sometimes they’re impossible to shop for. Where can you go to get them something stylish and more importantly, something they don’t already have? Instead of opting for a gift card, why not try a boutique! Butler County is home to one-of- a-kind shops, all offering creative gifts with a more personalized touch. Check out these three boutiques where you are bound to discover the perfect gifts for any style expert. 


Fleurish Home

You’re immediately welcomed by the soft and luxurious scent of pine once stepping foot into Fleurish Home in Hamilton – the captivating smell is their very own (and top selling) Frasier Fir. The best way to describe this boutique is a delicate balance of antique and contemporary. Although it offers a little bit of everything – from home décor and unique art to kid’s toys and essential oils – their apparel and accessories are must buys for any fashion-lover. In my last trip, I was overwhelmed by all of the adorable and trendy gift possibilities. 

  • Soft Sherpa Fleeces – Fleece jackets and pullovers are the coziest trend. Fleece jackets are easy enough to throw on, and they're all you want to wear in the middle of winder. Fleurish sells the Over-Sized Fleece Jacket or the High Neck Fleece Half Zip – both great options and not to mention, super soft and cozy. I have to admit...I bought the Over-Sized Fleece Jacket and it’s already a winter staple in my closet. 

Fleurish Home's Soft Sherpa Fleeces


  • The Necklace Bar – You can really never go wrong with jewelry, and Fleurish’s Necklace Bar is a unique way to make a very personalized and stylish gift. Build your own necklace by choosing the chain and a few different charms. Some charms are engraved with Hamilton or 513, while others are simple and timeless. If you’re looking for a bit more, you can pair the necklace with one of the many earrings and bracelets that Fleurish also has to offer. Whatever you choose to create, there’s no doubt it will make a great gift. 

Fleurish Home's Necklace Bar


  • Blanket Scarves – Scarves always make a wonderful gift because fashion-lovers can never have too many! They are also ideal for Secret Santa gifts or in any scenario when you are unsure of what size to get – a scarf is one size for all. Fleurish offers a variety of patterns and colors – like this classic plaid. Pair it with a matching cross/body or clutch bag and Viola! You have an easy, comfy and cute gift for just about anyone.  

Fleurish Home's Blanket Scarves


Miller St. Boutique

Fashionistas love to stand out, and Fairfield’s Miller St. Boutique is all about making statement with their jewelry, clothes and handbags. Each piece expresses different personalities, so this boutique has a ton to offer when you’re shopping for anyone who is all about the latest trends. Whether you’re shopping for your daughter, a niece or a friend, there are countless options for holiday gifts. You could even build a whole outfit, head to toe – including accessories!

  • Sweaters – If you’re looking for trendy, then look no further! The sweaters at Miller St. provide effortless, chic style and would make the perfect match with a statement necklace. There’s a wide variety of sweater choices – from the Bubble Sleeve, to the Color Block, to the Poncho. And since sweaters are never going out of style, you can never go wrong with basic closet staple.

Miller St. Boutique's Sweaters

Photo Credit : Miller St. Boutique


  • Tops & Tees – Basic tees, blouses, a button down or jacket – Miller St. has them all. Add an extra boost of easygoing style to your fashionista’s wardrobe or go for something a little more eye-grabbing from their handpicked selection of blouses. 

Miller St. Boutique's Tops & Tees

  • Handbags – The right handbag is an essential and functional part of a great outfit, so just about any fashion-lover will appreciate one as a gift.  That’s why Miller St. Boutique stocks unique handbags in rich, vivid colors and makes sure each handbag features practical design elements like adjustable straps, magnetic closures, and removable inserts. For example, this Carry All Tote has the option for a cross body strap and includes a detachable insert bag. 

Miller St. Boutique's Handbags

Photo Credit : Miller St. Boutique


sMari Designs

Liberty Center is full of shops, but none of them are quite like sMari. It’s a great place to shop for gifts of all sorts – but especially their accessories. They have new products coming each week so there is always something new to be seen, and more than likely, you can find something unique that your fashionista doesn’t have. If you’re shopping for someone who loves rare and one-of-a-kind pieces, sMari should be your first place to go. 

  • Velvet Accessories – Alongside their large variety of fun accessories, sMari offers elegant and trendy velvet accessories that are perfect for the winter months! My personal favorite are their velvet gloves and coin purses – all in rich winter colors, like emerald green, deep burgundy, and royal navy. 

sMari Designs' Velvet Accessories

Photo Credit : sMari Designs 


  • Earrings – If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, something small, or you just need the cherry to top off your gift, you’ll have to take a look at sMari’s assortment of earrings. Any style expert will tell you that earrings are the perfect way to complete an outfit. With sMari’s diverse designs, colors and patterns, you will be sure to find the perfect pair…and probably more. 

sMari Designs' Earrings

Photo Credit : sMari Designs


  • Ginger Snap Jewelry – If you have never heard of Ginger Snap, it is a style of interchangeable jewelry that features fashion snaps, which are button-like charms you snap in and out of stylish bracelets, rings and more. These make great gift sets because you only need to buy one piece of jewelry and then can buy as many snaps as you would like – essentially giving multiple gifts all in one! Whether your loved one wears gold, silver, or turquoise, sMari offers a wide collection of jewelry sets and snaps.    

sMari Designs' Ginger Snap Jewelry

Photo Credit : sMari Designs 



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