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IKEA's Julbord Festival

IKEA is for the whole family— known for their contemporary home decor, ready-to-assemble furniture, and most importantly their one of a kind customer experience. Walking through IKEA is always an adventure, but did you know they also have Christmas activities for families? Here's a few things about IKEA that I bet you didn't know...

  • IKEA started out as a small Swedish business back in 1943 by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad
  • Their logo is influenced from the Swedish flag— blue and yellow
  • They host a traditional Swedish Julbord smorgasbord every year! 

Their annual Julbord Buffet has been a tradition for the West Chester IKEA since they opened nearly twelve years ago. This year, IKEA has transformed the buffet into a 2 day Julbord Family Festival that is happening this weekend, December 13-14. 

The Julbord Smorgasbord  

Smorgasbord is a Swedish word that literally means a wide range or variety of something. Julbord is another Swedish word that means Christmas table. So when you put the two get a Christmas dinner buffet! 

Julbord Smorgasbord

The Swedish Julbord is basically a huge table of various special foods that is held on Christmas Eve. Julbord is a highlight of Swedish cuisine, consisting of local specialties and enjoyed with family and friends. Traditionally, it is for harvest feast dishes prepared for an entire family of about 3 or 4 generations in addition to friends. To celebrate their Swedish roots, IKEA hosts their own feast in December and invite their own family and friends — their customers! It's a popular event every year and IKEA loves to share this tradition. 

This year their Julbord Buffet is on Friday, December 13th from 5–8:30pm. The celebration is an open invitation with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Tickets are available for only $16.99 per person / $4.99 for kids 12 and under, or at a discounted rate for IKEA Family members ($12.99 per person / $2.99 for kids 12 and under). IKEA welcomes all customers to join and tickets are sold up until the end of the event, but seating is limited so the sooner the better! The menu includes all the traditional Swedish favorites, like Christmas ham, oven poached salmon, potato salad, meatballs, rice pudding, assorted desserts and so much more. You can see the full menu here (plus a special coupon). 

People eating


IKEA Julbord Festival

The fun doesn't end Friday! To extend the Julbord celebration IKEA has transformed this event into a festival, offering more holiday activities the day after the buffet on December 14th, starting at 10am. Throughout the entire store, there will be multiple holiday-themed activities and workshops for the whole family.

Breakfast with Santa 

Yes...Santa!! The big man himself will be at IKEA from 10am—1pm in the showroom. He will be available for gift requests and free photos. There will be no professional photographer so it is BYOC (bring your own camera). 

Holiday Workshops

The holidays aren't always easy— there's a lot of planning and preparation! IKEA is offering a few helpful workshops for holiday hosting, gifts...or just for fun. Let the kids join in or you can let them play in IKEA's supervised playroom. 

Holiday workshop


  • Help My Guests are Arriving in 5 Minutes! Get all the tips and tricks on how to tidy up a living room in a snap before the guests arrive.
  • IKEA Holiday 2019 Gift Line Up: Get the inside scoop on what makes these host or hostess holiday gift ideas unique and special! 
  • The Art of Napkin Folding: Impress your family this holiday and learn how to creatively fold napkins— haven't you always wanted to know how to make a napkin tree?
  • RASKOG: 3 Uses for the Holidays: Make the most out of the versatile and popular RASKOG cart! Learn the top three ways for entertaining, organization and storing items in style.
  • Bring the Season to the Table: Step by step guidance on effortlessly putting together the perfect table setting for your holiday feast. *IKEA Family Exclusive*

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Grab a Scavenger Hunt list from the IKEA greeter and take an adventure throughout the entire store. You'll be on the hunt for some fun holiday products in each section of IKEA. Complete all the tasks and claim your prize— a free frozen yogurt! This is a really fun and interactive activity for kids of all ages...Mom and Dad too! 

Christmas at IKEA

Ikea's Swedish Heritage 

Fun Fact — In Sweden, both nature and the home play a big part in people's lives. One of the best ways to describe the Swedish style with home furnishing is to describe nature - "full of light and fresh air, yet restrained and unpretentious."

IKEA works to incorporate sustainability into their business and supports initiatives that benefit children and the environment, which all derives from their roots. When IKEA was founded, it was right around the same time that Sweden was fast becoming a society with a big emphasis on caring for one another— where rich and poor alike were well looked after. This theme is translated into the IKEA vision. You can learn more about IKEA and their Swedish heritage on their website



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