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Inside Look: The Almond Sisters Bakery

This recipe for bakery success calls for equal parts family, creativity, and flour. Lots and lots of flour. In this edition of the blog we go behind a bakery counter to meet confectionary pros, The Almond Sisters. Put on your apron, get out those mixing bowls, and let’s get started.


The Prep

The year is 2007. Jenni Hubbard and her sister, Brandi Carder got their start selling Almond Twists. These Hamilton natives, and self-taught bakers could be found traveling the region, sharing their homemade hard work at farmers markets. Both Jenni and Brandi are known as talented artists, and say they found a new medium to work with…flour!

Almond Twist at The Almond Sisters Bakery


Mixing It Up  

Fast forward a little over a decade and The Almond Twist has made its home in the heart of downtown Hamilton at The Almond Sisters Bakery. Each evening the pastry dough, icings, and fillings are all made from scratch. The bakery warmly welcomes you in with the scent of sugar, a case lined with divine treats, and an always evolving Spotify playlist thanks to their eclectic music tastes.


Necessary Tools

They are the proud owners of no less than 10 rolling pins, yes 10! All different shapes, sizes, and baking purposes. Jenni also shared that she couldn’t live without her pastry dough scraper.


Out of the oven and ready for Instagram

Here’s a sweet sneak peek of some of The Almond Sisters Bakery confectionary creations...



This hearty cookie has an entire brownie baked inside. Double the delicious!

Geode at the Almond Sisters Bakery

Unicorn Horn

Unicorn Horn Almond Sisters

Red Velvet Oreo Ganache Madness

Red Velvet Brownie at Almond Sisters Hamilton, Ohio

Death by Chocolate Cookie

Cookie at the Almond Sisters Bakery

Photo: The Almond Sisters

Cinnamon Rolls

The Almond Sisters Bakery Cinnamon Roll

Pillow Puff Pastries

Pillow Puff Pastry


What treat could each sister not live without?

Jenni – The Almond Twist

Brandi – Thumbprint Cookies and Bear Claws


What Almond Sisters Bakery goodies are you most excited to try?


The Almond Sisters Bakery

224 High St.

Hamilton, OH 45011


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