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Fairfield Coffee is a Local Treasure

People can't get enough of this local coffee shop and cafe... what's their secret?

Fairfield Coffee Iced Latte

Almost everyone has a favorite coffee shop— of course any coffee drinker has their preference of Starbucks or Dunkin... but the best coffee typically comes from your favorite locally owned cafe. For this reason, among many others, locals continue to fall in love with Fairfield Coffee & Goods. Since 2011, this cozy cafe has built a large fan base with their wide variety of speciality lattes, fresh-baked goods, sandwiches made-to-order, and great customer service.  

Lots of Local Love

The Fairfield community is very supportive of their local small businesses, and this is no exception. If you ask anyone in the area, chances are, they have a go-to order at Fairfield Coffee. Not only do they offer a huge variety of flavors and different drink combinations, but the cafe's atmosphere is super comfortable and homey.

Local Coffee Shop Fairfield

On any given day from open to close you'll see customers hanging out at the shop; some friends chatting over a cup of coffee, students studying, someone reading a book and even people stopping in for a casual business lunch. 

On top of their speciality lattes— available hot, iced or blended— Fairfield Coffee always has a selection of fresh pastries, homemade baked goods, and a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and paninis. 

Fairfield Coffee Baked Goods

Another plus is their drive-thru, which is perfect for people on the go and visitors exploring the area. And for all the dog-lovers, they think about your pups too! I always like to stop by the drive-thru on my way to FurField Park with my dogs, and Fairfield Coffee always has a treat ready for them too. 

Fresh Favorites

I try something new every time I visit, so my Fairfield Coffee favorites are ever-evolving. However, my go-to lunch order is always their chicken salad sandwich on a croissant! The chicken salad is made fresh, topped with tomato and lettuce, with pickle spears on the side. 

Fresh Chicken Salad Croissant

One of my favorite things about Fairfield Coffee is their creative monthly specials. Every month they update their Facebook page with the theme, flavors and names of the special orders. The themes are sometimes holiday related according to the month, but they have also done fun themes like Horror Movie Villains, The Avengers, or Jungle themed where the coffees were named after characters like Curious  George, Simba from The Lion King, and the Cincinnati Zoo's beloved baby hippo, Fiona. 

Below was a special from March called The Green Clover— a green tea and vanilla frappe. 

Fairfield Coffee, Green Tea Latte

With their long list of flavors, I am always looking forward to the fun combinations they come up with every month! Of course, you're always welcome to create your own too. 

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311 Nilles Road, Fairfield OH 45014

Fairfield Coffee & Goods, Fairfield OH

Open Monday through Friday 6AM - 6PM | Open Saturdays 7AM - 4PM | Open Sundays 8AM - 2PM

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