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NEW to Craft Beer? Try N.E.W. Ales Brewing

Experience craft beer at this welcoming and unique biergarten. 

New Ales Brewing, Middletown Ohio

The NEWs on the street is... there's a new brewery in town! N.E.W. Ales Brewery in Middletown strives to make the craft beer experience approachable and unique. 

What's N.E.W?

N.E.W. Ales Brewing is a passion project of three best friends that has come to life. The trio spent a lot of time in other taprooms before deciding to open their own brewery. Their goal is to create brews that everyone can enjoy; from those who are new to drinking craft beers, all the way to the more seasoned craft beer fans. 

They work to make each flavor unique and special, while also aligning with their individual taste palates as well. The N.E.W. in the brewery name also stands for their names— Nikki, Elizabeth and Wes.  

New Ales Brewing

Nikki : Having a background in education and party planning, Nikki helps to spread the word about N.E.W. Ales, set up big events, and innovate with new ideas. If you have questions, want to set up a tasting, or plan an event... reach out to Nikki!

Elizabeth : Although she has a background in criminal justice, Beth always had a passion for craft beer and couldn't wait for an opportunity to open her own brewery business. Beth handles sales to get their brews out and about, as well as assisting with new flavor profiles. 

Wes : Creating home brew batches in college is where Wes' love for craft beer all started. As the master Brewer for N.E.W. Ales, he enjoys introducing new flavors to beer and bringing unique ideas to the table. 

New Ales Brewing

Together, the three friends have created their dream business. The brewery has an open and welcoming space, including a real gem— the outdoor biergarten with a vibrant mural as the backdrop. 

What's on Tap?

Hazy and hoppy? Crisp and clean? Fruity and sweet?

Whatever profile you like, you can find it at N.E.W. Ales Brewing. Or if you're new to craft beer, you can explore different flavors to see what you enjoy. The brewery focuses on classic styles with special offerings throughout the year. The beer is always high-quality, and they are always busy creating to introduce interesting styles. 

New Ales Brewing

You can view their menu here, but some popular recommendations are the Country DreamerFlippin Fruit Plum Sour, or the easy-drinking Post Mow Lawn Kolsch.

Find out what's NEW in the beer scene at the N.E.W. Ales taproom, biergarten, or at local restaurants around Butler County!

Visit New Ales Brewing

1521 1st Avenue | Middletown, OH 45044

Open Thursday 5 - 8:30PM | Open Friday 5 - 10PM | Open Saturday 4 - 10PM

New Ales Brewing, Middletown Ohio

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All Photo Credits : New Ales Brewing

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