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The Perfect Pairings

February 2nd, 2020 was the first palindrome day in over 900 years — meaning it was the same when read forwards and backwards: 02/02/2020 

Numerology fans claim this palindrome reflects the power of things in two. This inspired our list of Butler County's perfect pairings and dynamic duo's

1. Ralph & Alice

Butler County's favorite pair of Bald Eagles! 

Ralph & Alice

 Named after the popular 50's sitcom The Honeymooners, Ralph and Alice are quite the duo. They have been nesting in Butler County for six years now and have developed a large fan base intrigued by their playful nature. 

2. Earrings

They HAVE to come in a pair...


As a accessory lover, earrings are one of my favorite "pairs" — I love finding one-of-a-kind styles at Wildfire Home & Gift, sMari Designs, and Symmetry Boutique

3. Cookies & Milk

Of course!   

Cookies & Milk

Photo Credit : IKEA

Another great pair? Cookies and milk! Some of my favorites are the raspberry or chocolate cookies from IKEA, the cookie sandwich from Chubby Bunny Bakery, or a pair of macarons from Le Macaron

4. Books N Brews

A good beer paired with a good book? Yes please! 

Books & Brews

Books & Brews in Oxford is a great place for any book-lover. Stop in for a cup of coffee or try one of their craft beers and search their bookshelves for a good read to pair it with. 

5. ______ & Dip

Chips and dip, veggies and dip, fruit and dip... this pair has endless possibilities.

Chickpea Chicks

 Photo Credit : Chickpea Chicks

My go-to dips are the hummus blends from Chickpea Chicks— Perfect for chips, veggies, pretzels and more. If you're a spinach-artichoke fan, Matt the Miller's Tavern has amazing chips and spinach-artichoke dip that can't be beat. 

6. Candy & Toys

They just go hand-in-hand. 

Candy & Toys

When you ask a kid what they want for any holiday, the answer is typically always toys and candy, which makes them a perfect pair. Butler County is home to TWO real life candy lands... The Candy Stash Sweets & Treats and Jungle Jim's Toy Balloon! Find the perfect combo for a gift, birthday party, or just a special treat. 

7. Hamburger & Fries

Do you ever have one without the other?

The Jug Boy burger & fries

The Jug is a historic staple in Middletown, and a popular local favorite. There's no question why— their juicy burgers and crinkle cut fries are classic and delicious.

8. Wings

You can't fly with just one wing! 

Wings Mural

Liberty Center is home to two Kelsey Montague murals that are apart of her #WhatLiftsYou campaign. Check out this beautiful mural of a pair of whimsical wings that is complete with Southwestern Ohio staples interwoven into each wing— like Skyline Chili, Cincinnati Zoo's Fiona, and Liberty Center shopping bags. Take a photo and share it on social media! Be sure to tag us: #bcinspired #libertycenterohio

9. Tacos & Tuesdays

Although any day is a great taco day, right?

Tacos at Agave & Rye

Taco Tuesday anyone? I'm not sure when this trend started, but it really is a dynamic duo. A lot of restaurants will celebrate too, with discounts and specials... and Butler County is full of great Taco Tuesday spots

10. Cincinnati & Chili 

Any Southwest Ohio native will know. 

Skyline Chili

Photo Credit : Skyline Chili

Skyline Chili is kind of a big deal around here. Known as the official chili of Cincinnati, you can stop in for their signature dishes with their special Cincinnati chili recipe. Fans will rave about their 3-Way Chili Spaghetti, Cheese Coneys and Oyster Crackers. You can find a Skyline Chili in any town around Butler County

11. Donuts & Donut Holes

Because together... they are complete. 

Donuts & Donut holes

Photo Credit : Ezelle King

Butler County is known for our famous Donut Trail, complete with 12 locally owned mom and pop donut shops. Complete the trail to earn your official Donut Trail T-shirt, and enjoy some of the best donuts and donut holes around. 

12. Sweet & Salty

The ultimate flavor duo!

Ruby's Chocolates Truffles

Nothing beats a dessert with the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Salted caramels, chocolate covered pretzels, or my personal favorite... the Bacon Brownie Truffle Cake from Ruby's Chocolates. Another wonderful creation? The Karmetzel by Karma in the Kitchen — Caramel, pretzel, and peanut butter fudge all dipped in either milk or dark chocolate...bringing out the best of a sweet and salty duo.


What's your favorite duo?


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