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Reported Pokémon Sightings

July 6, 2016. The day our lives were forever changed by augmented reality. Pokémon friends came out of their late 1990’s hibernation, and virtually appeared everywhere overnight! To help you conquer your Pokédex quest, here are some places with reported Pokémon sightings in Butler County, Ohio!

Our most recent Pokémon visitor

Pokemon at Butler County Visitors Bureau

Jungle Jim’s International Market

It appears Pokémon may be foodies! Head to the Snake House at Jungle Jim’s, which happens to be a designated Pokémon Gym. On July 20, Jungle Jim’s will host an epic Pokémon GO meetup.

Pokemon Go at Jungle Jim's

Map: Jungle Jim's International Market

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum

This park is a hot PokéStop. Pokémon have been found admiring the monumental sculptures and the Ancient Sculpture Museum. Pyramid Hill reports over 60 PokéStops in the park and a number of training gyms.

*Please note there is a small admission cost to visit Pyramid Hill

 Pokemon at Pyramid Hill

Photo: Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum

Pokemon Ancient Sculpture Museum

Photo: Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum

Governor Bebb MetroPark

With 264-acres this nature preserve is a serene spot with plenty of room to roam, and practice your Poké Ball throwing skills.

Governor Bebb MetroPark

Rentschler Forest MetroPark

400 acres of Pokémon woodland adventures await you. To cover more ground quickly ride your bike along the Great Miami River, or take your time while searching along the hiking trails at Rentschler.

 Rentschler Forest MetroPark

Oxford Community Arts Center

Load up your backpack with Poké Balls and visit the Oxford Community Arts Center. Three confirmed PokéStops have been reported! You can’t beat a visit to a beautiful building, the arts and collecting XP.

Oxford Community Arts Center Pokemon Go

Photo: Oxford Community Arts Center

BC’s Bottle Lodge

It’s better to leave the kids at home for this PokéStop. Grab a craft beer, and see what Pokémon appear to give you company at BC's.

 BC's Bottle Lodge Pokemon

Photo: BC's Bottle Lodge

Want to learn more about how to travel the virtual world of Pokémon? Pokémon GO explains!

Have fun out there, be safe and Catch ‘Em All in Butler County, Ohio.

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