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Sherry's Petals & Rustic Home

I have always believed that the best way to brighten a room is to add a beautiful arrangement of flowers, but it’s no secret that I don’t have a green thumb. Lucky for me, now I don’t have to worry about watering flowers when I get home, thanks to a new store that opened on Main Street in Hamilton.

 Sherry's Petals paper Flower

  Photo: Sherry's Petals


Sherry’s Petals & Rustic Home is a locally owned, two-in-one-stop boutique that sells hand-crafted paper flowers, as well as refurbished furniture and décor.



What started as an online Etsy shop has quickly grown into something much larger. Sherry’s Petals offers flowers that are individually handcrafted from paper, fabric, duct tape, eco-flowers, or even baseballs. “If it can be cut, then it can be made into a flower,” says owner, Sherry Hoskins.

 Sherry's Petals baseball flower

  Photo: Sherry's Petals


It’s a breathtaking experience when you walk into the store and notice a wall covered with paper flowers. It’s even more fun taking a look around to pick out the perfect one to bring home. My favorite was a bouquet of roses made of basketballs.  

  Sherry's Petals Wall of Flowers



What began as a carpentry hobby has now become a full-fledged business. Rustic Home, the second part of the two-shop duo, has taken flipping furniture to a new level.

Rustic Home Entry Table

Photo: Rustic Home   


Whether it’s a vintage TV stand, or a gorgeous vintage vanity, you are sure to find something new to love. Rustic Home has quickly become my go-to shop for finding that perfect piece to bring a room together. I’m even planning on buying a cute “home sweet home” sign the next time I visit.

Rustic Home Dining Room Table

Photo: Rustic Home 



Good news, now you can try! Both stores will be hosting DIY events. Sherry’s Petals will offer hands-on paper flower crafting experiences, while Rustic Home will be teaching you how to perfectly reenvision your own restoration.  

Sherry's Petals Flower display


Want to see the flowers for yourself or maybe learn some DIY tricks? Check out Sherry’s Petals and Rustic Home at or visit their store in Hamilton.



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