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Butler County shoots and scores with their dessert lineup. Celebrate your favorite college basketball teams making it to the final rounds with these 14, amazingly delicious sweet treats.


 1. The Almond Twist

       Where to find it: The Almond Sisters Bakery

The namesake treat that began the Almond Sisters’ baking adventure, The Almond Twist is a handmade puff pastry filled with almond paste, twisted and topped with a sweet icing. Treat yourself to some of the best dessert near Cincinnati.

The Almond Twist


 2. Thousand Layer Cake

     Where to find it: Panaderia La Mexicana

The talented bakers at Panaderia La Mexicana create a delicacy as complex as the name implies: The Thousand Layer Cake. Layers of dolce de leche and soft dough stack on top of another and are topped with homemade whipped cream and a dark chocolate drizzle. Because of the time-intensive process, this cake is normally only created for special occasions. If you see it in this Fairfield gem, be sure to snag a piece. And grab one for me as well…

Thousand Layer Cake


3. Strawberry Balsamic Truffles

     Where to find it: Karma in the Kitchen

These decadent, artisan truffles are as striking in looks as they are in flavor. Karma has a knack for transforming chocolate into artwork. Each Strawberry Balsamic Truffle is packed with strawberry puree, a punch of sweet strawberry balsamic vinegar, and coated with smooth dark chocolate and white chocolate ganache.

 Karma in the Kitchen truffles

Photo: Instagram @karmainthekitchen


 4. Rainbow Gummy Bears

     Where to find them: Henry’s Candy Co.

Henry’s Candy Co. is widely known for their immense selection of gummy bears. They have every flavor you could think of and more. Like chocolate covered cinnamon and pink grapefruit. Try each of their delicious, 20 gummy bear varieties.

Henry's Candy Co. gummy bears


 5. Candy Buffet

     Where to find it: Grandpa Joe’s Candy Store

The candy connoisseurs at Grandpa Joe’s in Middletown have nearly every confection you can imagine. The best way to experience all of their nostalgic offerings is to fill up at the candy buffet. You’re given the designated candy vessel and your only instruction is to fill it to the brim with all of your favorite sweet treats.

Grandpa Joe's Candy Buffet


6. Milkshake of Glory

    Where to find it: True West Coffee

True West is whipping up more than just lattes. They’re expertly blending homemade, chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream, creating The Milkshake of Glory. Welcome to a flavor euphoria unlike any other.

True West milkshake

Photo: Instagram @truewestcoffee


7. Halo Halo

    Where to find it: Dai Trang Bistro

Dai Trang Bistro's Halo Halo is a thing of legend, truly one that you have to see to believe. This Filipino-derived dessert is served in a massive bowl, layered with sweet red beans, fruit, tapioca, caramelized bananas, palm fruit, nata de coco, macupuno strings, leche flan, ube ice cream, and shaved ice.



8. Donut Trail

    Where to find it: All across Butler County

Experience the magic that is the Butler County Donut Trail by heading to all 12 mom & pop donut shops that stretch across the county. Each shop has their own distinct vibe and donut flavor. Embark on this sugary adventure and try them all.

Donut Trail


9. Green Machine Smoothie

     Where to find it: Fridge & Pantry

A treat that feels like a cheat but is generously packed with nutrients. Fridge & Pantry’s Green Machine Smoothie is blended with green apple, spinach, pineapple, and pear.

Green machine smoothie


10. Root Beer Float

      Where to find it: Jolly's Drive-In

Jolly's root beer float is the quintessential summer sip. The heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream form the perfect bond with fizzy root beer.

Jolly's rootbeer


11. Strawberry Shake

      Where to find it: Flipside

Strawberries, shortbread cookies, and vanilla ice cream are expertly blended together for a wonderfully sweet elixir.

Flipside Strawberry Shake

Photo: Flipside


12. Hot Fudge Sundae

      Where to find it: Flubs Dari-ette

Flubs is a tried and true Americana classic. This 50-year-old ice cream stand is a Butler County signature. The Hot Fudge Sundae gets more delicious with each bite. The molten hot fudge combines with the vanilla ice cream and fluffy whipped cream, creating a pure magic dessert.

Flubs ice cream


13. Pineapple Whip

       Where to find it: Spring Street Treats

The Pineapple Whip is a tangy, summertime refresher. Fresh pineapple and pineapple juice are served over top creamy vanilla soft serve.

Spring Street Treat Pineapple Whip

Photo: Facebook @SpringStreetTreats


14. Homemade Carrot Cake

       Where to find it: Cozy’s Cottage

A slice of homemade carrot cake is the best way to finish a meal at Cozy’s Cottage. This triple layer dream is full of golden raisins, toasted walnuts, and a sweet cream icing atop a graham cracker crust.

Cozy's Carrot Cake

Photo: Facebook @Cozyscottage


 Head to these delicious spots for the best dessert near Cincinnati. 


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