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Think you could’ve been a detective in your past life, or do you just enjoy solving puzzles and getting your heart pumping? Experience four different interactive games that require you to solve puzzles, search for clues, and think outside of the box to successfully complete the challenge. Check out one of the best Cincinnati escape rooms at Escape the Room Challenge.

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Recently, me and a group of my friends got the chance to take on one of these adrenaline pumping scenarios at Escape the Room Challenge. Our task? Double Agent Dilemma. A double agent has placed a bomb in the lab, and there is only one hour to uncover the double agent and disarm the bomb!


Before going into the room, Ryan, our Escape the Room expert showed a video explaining the premise of our puzzle. We each received a badge to wear with our new identities for the game. My palms were sweating, my heart was racing, and I was ready to see the room we would be locked in for the next hour. I was eager to start solving the mystery!


Ryan’s Escape Advice:

  • Communicate! Let your team members know what you find.
  • If you’re trying something and can’t get it to work, try something else – the clock is ticking!
  • Stay organized – throwing possible clues can slow your team down.
  • Make sure to touch and look through everything. You never know where a hint could be hiding.



Here’s a Few Don’ts:

  • Make sure not to take photos or videos of the room – all of the fun is in the secrets the room holds.
  • Don’t use any of your own stuff! Anything that is needed to solve the puzzle is already in the room.
  • Remember not to force things – nothing is the room is designed to be broken or damaged.
  • Nothing in the room needs to be disassembled.


Once we learned these helpful tips and hints, our team ventured into the room. For an hour, we worked together, communicated, solved puzzles, and our hearts were racing the entire time! I now understand why these escape the rooms are such a craze. I haven’t had so much fun while thinking so hard in a long time!

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Something unique about Escape the Room Challenge is unlike other breakout rooms, you don’t just get to ask for three hints and then any other hints takes away time. Instead, they have a timeline that you should follow if you are to complete the room on time, and if your group begins to fall behind your Escape the Room expert will give you a hint to help you get back on track! This was an awesome addition to the game. There were also fun hints placed around the room that kept the game interesting, so the team was less likely to get stuck. Don’t think this means the rooms are easy though; they are super challenging and will require you to think outside the box!

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Escape the Room Challenge also has three other games you can try out: Uncle Ernie’s Million, Escape the Mob, and the hardest of them all: Esmeralda’s Curse. Once out of the room, we were all buzzing about how fun the game was, and how we are so excited to go back to try the other puzzles.

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If you’re not sure whether or not to take my word, just know, we got out with only 44 seconds left, so you could say we are experts!


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