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Top Gifts for Dad this Father's Day

Father's Day is only a short two weeks away... but if you haven't decided on a gift yet, there's no need to panic! Some Dads are tricky to shop for, but we've got you covered. Some Dad's love golf, some love food, and some might want a gift to unwrap... whatever the case may be, we have your ultimate gift guide right here.

Here are our Top 10 Father's Day gift recommendations, ideas and inspiration. 


Gifts for Any Dad

1. Sara's House

Golf Club Bottle Opener - Sara's House

Find your Dad that one-of-a-kind gift he won't be able to get anywhere else! Sara's House in Hamilton specializes in vintage and reclaimed gifts. Shop from custom re-purposed lamps, local goods, and even these super cool golf-club bottle openers. 


2. Jungle Jim's Food Baskets

Jungle Jim's Food Options

Jungle Jim's International Market is always an adventure no matter what. If your Dad loves snacks, sweets or likes trying food from all over the world, then this might be the perfect gift. Create your own gift basket with choices from an international selection of more than 180,000 items from 70 countries. Snacks, sweets, beers, games... you name it! 


3. EnterTRAINment Junction Games

Hobbies & Toys Gifts

Is your Dad really a kid at heart? EnterTRAINment's Junction Hobbies and Toys may just have the perfect gift you never would have thought of. From games to puzzles, or model trains to starter kits... inside you never know what kind of fun you'll find. 


4. Grandpa Joe's Candy & Games

Grandpa Joe's Soda Wall

Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop in Middletown is a great place to find a gift for any kind of Dad. With a variety of old-school candy options, fun games and knick-knacks, you're bound to find something for Father's Day... and maybe even yourself! A fun gift idea would be a "Create Your Own Six Pack" of sodas — you have over 200 unique, wacky, and nostalgic flavors to choose from! 


Gifts of Experience 

1. Karma in the Kitchen Chocolates

Chocolate Tools

Photo Credit : Karma in the Kitchen 

Karma in the Kitchen in West Chester has some very sweet gifts for Dad this year! You can order a set of solid chocolate tools or golf balls that are almost too cool to eat! For a more interactive gift, the chocolate shop is also offering Sundae Kits that include everything you and your dad will need to make your own ice-cream sundaes. The shop open Tuesday-Friday (11am-6pm) and Saturday (11am-4pm).


2. Fishing Trips

Father's Day Fishing Trip

It's no secret... majority of Dads love to fish! Luckily, the BC has a ton of different options to take your dad on a fishing trip for Father's Day. Marsh Park in Fairfield is a great option with over 4,000ft of accessible shoreline — and not to mention, all fees are waived for the remainder of the 2020 season! Rentschler Forest is another option, with roughly a half-mile of frontage along the Great Miami River. The Line Hill Pond is a great place to set up for a day of fishing and a picnic. 


3. Start Skydiving


Is your Dad the ultimate thrill-seeker? Has he always said that he would go skydiving? A gift certificate to Start Skydiving in Middletown would make the ultimate present! 


4. Brewery Trip

Brew Tap

Butler County is full of some pretty awesome beer and breweries. If you're looking to spend some quality time with your Dad this Father's Day, try taking him to one of the great places around here — all expenses on you of course!


5. Candle Making

Petals & Wicks Candles

Want to spend time and get creative with your Dad? Petals & Wicks in Hamilton is your opportunity to make some memories this Father's Day while also creating something together. Currently the shop is open for reservations to pour candles only, but they also offer gift cards and take-home kits! 



Writer Karly Dwenger



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