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The first Bambu in the area has opened up in West Chester, Ohio. They serve fresh, nutritious, and colorful drinks including chè, coffee, tea, smoothies, and yogurts. Their pandan jelly, basil seed, sugar cane, longan, and fresh coconut and juice are all made daily. The egg pudding, grass jelly, and red tapioca are all homemade, and they use fresh and exotic fruits and flavors.

Chè is a Vietnamese dessert beverage that has been growing in popularity. Create your own chè flavor, or choose from one of 14 recommended options. The Bambu Combo is a good first choice, with its mung beans, taro, boba, pandan and combo jelly, and coconut milk, you get a little of everything. Or, try the Bambu Favorite (shown below), which includes red tapioca, grass jelly, pandan jelly, and coconut milk. 

Bambu also makes fresh fruit smoothies with flavors like taro coconut, peach Catalina, avocado coffee, Mangonada, and even durian. The Mangonada (shown below) has a bit of a kick with its chili seasoning, served with a tamarind straw; these flavor combinations make this a favorite.

Another popular drink is the Combo Yogurt (shown below). This drink looks like a work of art and includes strawberry, kiwi, and mango. Can’t get any more refreshing than that!

If tea or coffee is more your thing, don’t worry, Bambu has plenty of options for you too. Try a hot, iced, or blended Vietnamese coffee drink. Or, try a blended tea, sea salt tea, fruit tea, or milk tea. The sea salt teas include sea salt foam and egg pudding. The fruit teas include, real fruit, basil seed, and rainbow jellies. Try the Taro Milk Tea or the Strawberry Fruit Tea (shown below, left) for a yummy, refreshing drink. 

An item on the menu that will likely catch your eye is the Pandan Waffle. It’s a green waffle that’s crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. This waffle and mochi ice cream are the only non-beverage items available right now, but there are plans to expand the food menu in the future. 

Whatever drink you choose is sure to be Instagram worthy and delicious.

Photo Credits : Bambu, West Chester


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