Wildfire Hygge Goods + Home, Hamilton Ohio

Wildfire Hygge Goods has Expanded!

Visit the new location for Wildfire Hygge Goods + Home.

This beautiful boutique now has two locations in Hamilton... and they are just steps away from one another!

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When Sara Dankhoff first opened Wildfire, she called the shop a "dream she could no longer keep inside" but had no idea what the future would hold. After owning her shop on High Street for just over a year, she announced in July of 2021 that Wildfire would be expanding into two sister shops— Wildfire Hygge Goods and Wildfire Hygge Home.

Wildfire Hygge Goods + Home, Hamilton Ohio

Hygge (pronounced "hew-guh") is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment — whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary — as cozy, charming, or special. Wildfire is a curated collection of special, hygge-inducing goods and gifts.

Wildfire Hygge Home

The new second location is only steps away from the original location on High Street. The building was renovated from top to bottom, keeping a lot of the original charm.

Wildfire Hygge Goods + Home, Hamilton Ohio

Wildfire Hygge Home is an extension of the first location, with a focus on home decor. Here you can find larger items like furniture, wall decor, dining accessories, and so much more.

Sara says she aims to provide home goods that will become heirlooms— fit to stand the test of time because of their quality and an aesthetic that will feel classic through the decades.

Wildfire Hygge Goods + Home, Hamilton Ohio

The new building is also three floors— the second floor is home to Wildfire Studio. This is a floor-to-ceiling white space for professional photographers, content-creators, and for use by other businesses for branding. All styled by Wildfire!

Wildfire Hygge Goods

The flagship Wildfire location is now a dedicated gift shop and modern general store, where you can still find your favorite products... and probably some new favorites too.

Wildfire Hygge Goods + Home, Hamilton Ohio

Since opening in August of 2019, Wildfire has expanded into an online shop, two retail locations, and a studio. "Wildfire is the collection of items I love and bring joy to my life—and hope make you feel the same," Sara says.

Visit Wildfire Hygge Home (NEW Location)

127 N 2nd Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Wildfire Hygge Goods + Home, Hamilton Ohio

Visit Wildfire Hygge Goods

226 High Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Wildfire Hygge Goods, Hamilton Ohio

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