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Committees are created to accomplish the work that needs to be done between meetings. The effective use of committees distributes and expedites the work of the board so as not to be inpidually burdensome. It also removes long discussions and routine tasks from the regular meeting agenda, thus freeing the board to consider the overall program, major policies and key issues.

The committee structure should be created to meet the needs of the organization and should be designed to be as flexible as possible. The Chair appoints the chairperson of committees. Committee members are named by the chair after consultation with the committee chairperson and executive director.

To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of committee work, board and committee members should define the size of each committee, designate staff support, establish membership criteria, determine the duration of the committee, clarify the committee's charge, and assign committee chairs.

The special talents, abilities and interest of each member should be considered in making committee appointments. Individuals in the community who are not members of the board may often be used effectively as consultants or advisors. 


Advocacy and Awareness Committee

Examines opportunities, in line with the BCVB Board of Directors strategic plan, to expand the awareness of the work of the BCVB in Butler County.

Chair: Kent Bradshaw

Bylaws Committee 

Reviews the BCVB Bylaws to assure that they are in accordance and reflective of the BCVB organization and as needed put forth recommendations to the BCVB Board of Directors.

Chair: Mike Oler
Joy Sharp


Finance Committee

Provide financial oversight for the BCVB. Develop an annual operating budget with the Executive Director.    Monitor adherence to the budget. The creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.
Set long-range financial goals along with funding strategies to achieve them. Develop multi-year operating budgets that integrate strategic plan objectives and initiatives.   Present all financial goals and proposals to the BCVB Board of Directors for approval.

Chair: Bill Balfour
Caroline McKinney

Wayfinding Steering Committee
Provides oversight for the Butler County Wayfinding initiative including monitoring the existing system and reviewing expansion opportunities. The committee establishes guidelines for the continued growth of the system.

Chair: Sam Ashworth
Bill Balfour, Cynthia Grow, Joy Sharp


Strategic Development Committee

Examines and identifies potential tourism development opportunities throughout Butler County and the potential strategic role for the BCVB.

Chair: Greg Ossmann
Bill Balfour, Joy Sharp


Board Development Committee

(Responsible for the recruitment of new potential board members.  Establishes the new board member evaluation process and conducts new board member interviews.) 

Chair: Mike Oler
Cynthia Grow


Office Development Committee (non-active)

Responsible for oversight in the process of locating, procuring, and designing the offices of the BCVB.

Chair: Cynthia Grow
Joy Sharp


Strategic Marketing Committee (non-active)

Examines the strategic marketing opportunities for the BCVB.

Chair: TBD
Joy Sharp