Chicago Plays the Stones!

Sorg Opera House Chicago Plays the Stone
Sorg Opera House
63 South Main Street
Sorg Opera House, South Main Street, Middletown, OH, USA

Handicap Accessible Venue

The Sorg Opera House will host an unbelievable gig featuring today’s greatest Chicago blues artists who will answer this fantasy - Imagine classic Rolling Stones songs played by their Chicago blues heroes. They invite you to experience “Chicago Plays the Stones,” in a Victorian opera house. Chicago guitar-slinger Ronnie Baker Brooks and harmonica master Billy Branch, among today’s foremost keepers of the flame, unite to give the songs of the Rolling Stones a remarkable rebirth. Brooks and Branch strip those rock songs down to their Chicago blues essence and bring the songs of Jagger-Richards back to their spiritual home and their point of origin. “CHICAGO PLAYS THE STONES” will take you on a powerful musical journey that will delight fans of the Stones, the blues and general music audiences alike. The show includes 1940s Mississippi Delta tunes up through the rockin’ electrification of the country blues by pioneering Windy City blues artists. It’s an evening that celebrates the blues’ lasting effect on rock and pop music.

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