It’s All One Sea by Joan Hall

It's All One Sea Pyramid Hill
1763 Hamilton Cleves Road
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton, OH, USA
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Handicap Accessible Venue

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park is thrilled to host Global Contamination:  It’s All One Sea by internationally renowned artist and ecological activist, Joan Hall. Her sculptural practice brings a crucial awareness to the current conditions of our marine ecosystems. Joan Hall is a contemporary American mixed media artists. In addition to being one of the preeminent handmade paper artists in the United States, she is also a dedicated printmaker and sculptor. Her art has been heralded for its beauty which provides a fresh take on the environmental issues she address, using scientific data and other sources of information on climate change as “points of departure” for creative exploration.

Hall’s exhibit at Pyramid Hill is a mixed media installation that documents pollution on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. In June 2011, Hall and an assistant drove an RV to the Gulf of Mexico and spent the summer documenting pollution and collecting debris on the shore from Johnson’s Bayou to Grand Isle. The RV served as a “mobile studio” and allowed Hall to immediately record her impressions of what she was seeing and finding, integrating field work and studio practice in an innovative methodology.

The opening reception for "Global Contamination" is on Friday, September 20th from 5:30 – 8:30pm with the exhibition running through November 30th.  Running concurrently with Hall’s exhibition is Paul Briggs exhibition “Cell Personae.”

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