Spring Serenade at Pyramid Hill

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum
1763 Hamilton Cleves Road
1763 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton, OH, USA
4PM - 6PM

Handicap Accessible Venue

Back by popular demand, the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra is bringing the music to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park!

Enjoy private access to one of the largest sculpture parks in the United States. Take a socially-distanced stroll with us at this unique outdoor musical and artistic experience crafted by the CCO and Pyramid Hill amid the natural landscapes and sculptures of the breathtaking outdoor oasis. Three CCO ensembles will sit alongside sculptures performing several short works on rotation so that guests can continue to move between the groups safely and at their leisure. Guests will have a chance to purchase a beverage or two at the large outdoor Pavilion and then make their way to any of the stops along the mile-long path. Maps of performance locations will be handed out upon entry to the event.

In order to maintain safe social distancing, registration is required through Pyramid Hill's website. Each guest must register individually.

Guests can register for one of two timeslots:
4 – 5PM with an arrival time of 3:45PM
5 – 6PM with an arrival time of 4:45PM

Music will be performed from 4:15 - 6:00PM and musicians will take a 15 minute performance break from 5:00 - 5:15PM. Pyramid Hill asks that guests exit the park shortly after their registered time ends.

Arts institutions and non-profits continue to suffer from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both Pyramid Hill and CCO would like to thank you for your support of the arts and encourage your continued advocacy for these types of businesses. Pyramid Hill is proud to work collaboratively with local arts organizations as the institution pursues its mission of bringing people to art in nature. Any donations collected at Spring Serenade will support both the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra and Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum.

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