Get to the BC

Grant Program

A portion of the HVB annual budget is set aside to award grants to non-profit and for-profit organizations presenting special events and projects that will bring visitors to Hamilton.

Grants are to be used for expenses related to marketing, promotion and advertising, a significant portion of which will be targeted to potential participants outside the immediate Hamilton area (5 or more miles outside Hamilton). Occasionally, grants may be considered for capital projects that would enhance and expand the VB mission to attract visitors to Hamilton.

 Primary consideration will be given grant requests which:

• Attract overnight visitors who will stay in Hamilton thus increase the city's tax base by generating more bed tax revenue
• Attract a larger number of visitors.
• Increase the number of nonresident visitors to a Hamilton event.
• Have a greater economic impact to the community by raising the potential for visitors to spend money locally on shopping, gas and other expenditures.
• Have multiple sources of support. That is, the applicant expects funding from several sources besides Hamilton CVB.
• Offer multiple days of the same event or a series of events.
• Have proven organizational value: the applicant group has a history of sound leadership and a competent, active board.
• Has Capital Improvement Potential - likelihood that the event will leave behind long-term improvements in community assets that encourage tourism.


Funds should be requested primarily for marketing, public relations, hospitality, promotion and advertising expenses or capital projects that would, when used, increase tourism in Hamilton.
• Applicants may submit only one grant request per funding cycle. There is one funding cycle per year. 
• Unless approved as a multi-year project, projects funded through Hamilton VB must be completed within one year from the grant award date. 
• Each grant recipient must submit a completed Economic Impact Report (form provided) within 30 days from the project's end and before a new grant request will be considered. 
• We strongly encourage that support materials include a report showing expected economic impact within Hamilton; In particular, expectations should include economic impact on Hamilton. 
• Tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations are eligible for Hamilton VB grants and are given priority. However, we will consider grants to for-profit organizations. 
• Applications may include relevant support materials, e.g. one page history, list of board members, annual budget and current financial reports. These materials should be mailed separately from the online application. 
• Receiving a grant from Hamilton VB for one event does not guarantee funding for future activities, nor does a previous grant give any organization priority in future funding


• Organization failed to submit Economic Impact Report from previous year, after having received a grant. 
• Lack of proper documentation to explain how grant money was spent. 
• Organization failed to name Hamilton VB as a sponsor on all advertising. 
• Organization redirected grant money without Hamilton VB Board permission.

Credit and Publicity Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of all organizations and individuals that receive funding through the Hamilton VB to demonstrate the public value of your event or program by making your audience aware that your event, program or project is supported by public tax dollars. You must recognize the Hamilton VB on all your printed material, news releases, programs, signage or other means. (Logo and/or "Project supported in part by Hamilton Visitor Bureau") as a sponsor. Failure to do so may require a reimbursement of any grant money received and/or may result in the exclusion from further grants for a period of one year. NOTE: Redirecting grant money must have prior approval from the Hamilton VB Board. Misdirected funds from the grant will result in denial of future grant requests and may require the applicant to return the grant.

Grant Process

• Complete the online application and submit support materials to: Hamilton Visitors Bureau, One High Street, Hamilton, OH 45011
• Grant applicants may be invited to meet briefly with Hamilton VB during the grant approval process. 
• A letter or email, listing the approved grants will be sent to all applicants once the process is completed. 
• Once grants are approved, a check for the full amount will be mailed to each recipient organization. 
• Each organization receiving Hamilton VB grant money must give recognition to Hamilton VB in all news releases, programs, signage or other means. (Logo and/or "Project supported in part by the Hamilton Visitors Bureau") 
• An Economic Impact Report must be submitted within 30 days of the conclusion of your event.  The Economic Impact Report form will be sent directly to the grant recipients following the distribution of the grant funds.  It is not the responsibility of the Hamilton VB to contact or remind organizations of these deadlines. If the Economic Impact Report is not turned in on time, the organization will not be considered for the next grant cycle.