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Grant Application

Please find below the first phase of the HVB grant process. Please fill out the grant application below. Once the application is submitted, the second phase of the grant process will be the submission of support materials and additional documentation. This information will be available once the application has been officially submitted to the HVB.  You should plan to complete the online application at one session--the information you input to the form CANNOT be saved, then completed at a later time. 

Board Information

About the Event or Program to be Funded

Have you received a previous grant from the Hamilton CVB?
Room Nights = # of guest rooms x # of nights the group will be staying
Example: The potential for visitors to spend moneys locally on shopping, gas, and other expenditures.
Do you expect funding from other sources besides the Hamilton CVB?
Please note if this is a series of events.
Please explain.
You may need to attach a spreadsheet for this information. Remember that your economic impact report must match your documentation on this grant. Examples: Print ads, TV, Radio, Web, etc.