Cazadore's Mexican Franklin, Ohio
Shrimp Fajitas Cazadores Middletown, Ohio
Cazadore's Mexican Franklin, Ohio

Cazadore's Mexican Restaurant

1350 E 2nd St Franklin OH 45005
Location: Middletown
Phone: 937-746-7977

Long ago, Mexican Cazadores perfected the art of roping, branding cattle and cooking on the range. Unique seasonings and the richest recipes created a brand of cooking popular in Cazadores. Inspired by their legendary skills around the campfire, the style of "on the ranch" cooking uses distinctive spices and mesquite grilling to create these Cazadores favorites for customers today. On the ranch, they do things a little differently.

Amenities & Information

Alcohol: Yes
Cuisine: Mexican
Entertainment: Yes
Patio: Yes
Type: Casual