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Officers Job


The Chair shall be the principal officer of the corporation and, subject to the control of the Board of Directors, shall in general, supervise the business and affairs of the corporation.  He/ she shall sign, with the treasurer and/or any other designated officer of the corporation thereunto authorized by the Board of Directors, any deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts, or other instruments which the Board of Directors has authorized to be executed, except in cases where the signing and execution thereof shall be expressly delegated by the Board of Directors or by these byelaws to some other officer or agent of the corporation, or shall be required by law to be otherwise signed or executed; and in general shall perform all duties incident to the office of Chair and such as duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors from time to time.  


Vice Chair

In the absence of the Chair or in the event of his/her death, inability or refusal to act, the Vice Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair, and when so acting shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions upon the Chair. The Vice Chair shall perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned to him/her by the Chair or Board of Directors.



The Treasurer shall oversee the financial operations of the Bureau. The Treasurer assists in budget preparation and monitors budget, manages finances of the Bureau, administrates fiscal matters of the Bureau, ensures the Board's financial policies are being followed, reports to the Board of Directors, oversees financial reporting forms and all bank accounts.



The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the general membership and board meetings. The secretary is responsible for ensuring that accurate minutes of meetings are taken and approved. The Secretary signs a copy of the final, approved minutes and ensures that this copy is maintained in the corporate records. The secretary ensures that the records of the organization are maintained as required by law and made available when required by authorized persons. The Secretary ensures that official records are maintained of members of the organization and Board. He/She ensures that these records are available when required for reports, elections, referenda, other votes, etc. The Secretary ensures that an up-to-date copy of the bylaws is available at all meetings.  The Secretary ensures that proper notification is given of directors' and members' meetings as specified in the bylaws. The Secretary manages the general correspondence of the Board of Directors except for such correspondence assigned to others.