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From light, crisp, and refreshing to dark, malty, and decadent, or even gluten-free... Butler County breweries are pouring beer for any palate. 


Approachable Blonde – Municipal Brew Works

This smooth blonde ale is a great introduction into the world of craft beer. Easily enjoyed on both a hot summer day and a crisp autumn afternoon, the Approachable Blonde is the kind of year-round brew that feels like love at first sip. It’s also the perfect pairing companion to pizza and chicken wings.


Two Goldens – Rolling Mill Brewing Co.

This flavorful, light lager pays tribute to brewery owners Josh and Megan’s beloved pair of golden retrievers. Rolling Mill is an entirely gluten-free brewery, each pint crafted with nontraditional grains and a vision to change perceptions of beer. Two Goldens is a mainstay at Rolling Mill, so have a pint on your next trip.


Poundsign Nofilter – Grainworks

A New England IPA packed with Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops. Notes of mango, pineapple, and tropical fruit shine through the hazy-style IPA. Aesthetically pleasing with its gorgeous gold color and fruity aroma. Pounsign Nofilter is a consistent crowd pleaser for IPA lovers everywhere.


Hop Bomber – Rivertown Brewery & Barrel House

A carefully crafted, hop-forward rye pale ale. The Hop Bomber has a rich, malty taste with a bit of a pine finish. Rivertown is no stranger to ale experimentation. From barrel aged sours to vanilla porters and everything in between, they craft a tenacious culture ranging from easy to specialty sippers.


We Been Dancin’ – Swine City Brewing

Brewed with generous notes of caramel and honey, this malty brown ale will have you dancing. This aromatic venture was awarded a bronze medal in its category at the 2019 US Beer Open Championship. Crank up the tunes with a We Been Dancin’ in hand and sip adventurously. 


On the Black – DogBerry Brewing

An elusive black IPA, On the Black represents an incredibly unique blend of styles. It’s roasty and dry, with a hint of bitterness in each sip. This fusion of flavors is unlike any other beer experience. DogBerry brewers proudly can this deliciousness and offer it on tap seasonally.


Ponderous Porter – Figleaf Brewing

Layers of rich chocolate, milk toffee, and dark caramel make up FigLeaf’s Ponderous Porter. This English-inspired porter utilizes English malts and classic ESB ale yeast. The decadent flavor combinations will warm your soul on a cold winter day. 


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