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Role of Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are approved by the Butler County Commissioners. The Board of Directors selects and recruits potential new board members.

The Board acts as the governing body for the corporation in accordance with its code of bylaws and its volunteer members do not receive compensation.

The Board of Directors manages the business of the corporation based on the direction of its programs, allocation of funds and other administrative policies.

Directors can act only as a board. Individual members have no independent power. The Board has the authority to hire and fire the executive director who reports directly to them.

The ten basic responsibilities of the Board of Directors are:

1. Determine the Bureau's mission and purpose

2. Select an Executive Director

3. Provide proper financial oversight

4. Ensure adequate resources

5. Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability

6. Ensure effective organizational planning

7. Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance

8. Enhance the Bureau's public standing

9. Determine, monitor, and strengthen the Bureau's programs and services

10. Support the Executive Director and assess his or her performance