Get to the BC

Hello Challengers

To those who relish in tackling a new challenge, this one is for you. Put your problem-solving skills and love for competition to the test with these exciting Butler County challenges.

  • Escape the Room Challenge - Round up your best puzzle-solving friends and head to Escape the Room in West Chester. Escape the Room offers a variety of clever scenarios and riddles that require you to put on your detective hat and think outside the box in order to beat the clock. 
  • A-Maze-N Funhouse – Navigate the strange terrain of A-Maze-N Funhouse’s mirror maze designed like a classic circus.
  • Space Station Alpha Escape Room - You have 30 minutes to solve a series of riddles and puzzles with your team before your oxygen runs out! Head to The WEB Extreme Entertainment for this thrilling Escape Room.
  • Breakout Games – Choose from a series of adrenaline pumping scenarios to excape from. 


Escape the Room  Escape the room