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Hello Soft Serve

Butler County knows the importance of smooth, creamy soft serve. These chocolate-vanilla swirl masters can be found all around the county, in the form of ice cream-shaped stands as well as ice cream mobiles that travel across the county.

  • The Cone - Rich and creamy soft serve that’s best enjoyed inside their ice cream cone shaped shop.
  • Flubs Dariette - Sherbet, Italian ice, and creamy ice cream cones with toppings of your choosing. Head to one of the three locations or catch the Flub Mobile riding around town.
  • The Dip - Devour a heaping cone of soft serve before it melts!
  • Spring Street Treats - Specializing in chocolate and vanilla swirl and a special flavor is offered daily.
  • The Twist Ice Cream Co. - The motto of Twist Ice Cream is “Happiness Guaranteed.” Twist offers up soft-serve, milkshakes, choco tacos, sundaes, slushes, artic twists and glaciers.


The Cone  Flub's Ice cream