Butler County, Ohio experiences all four beautiful seasons. With a picturesque winter, spring time full of blooms, a warm summer and a crisp fall you can enjoy it all! No matter when you're planning your trip to Butler County, we've got fun for all four seasons. Ready to pack your bags?

Get a feel for Butler County, Ohio area weather and what to pack:

Winter (Late December - Early March)

Butler County experiences cooler temperatures averaging around 30°F. We'd recommend packing in layers, and bringing a winter coat and gloves. We can get snow in The BC, so if you're lucky you may get to play in a winter wonderland!

Spring (Late March - Early June)

Butler County is full of blooms with temperatures averaging in the 60's and 70's, with occasional 80°F days. You'll want to pack layers, a light jacket and an umbrella, as The BC sometimes has rainy days in the spring. 

Summer (Late June - Early September)

Expect warm, pleasant temperatures with averages ranging from the 80's to 90's, perfect for playing outside! Pack your shorts, swim suit and lighter clothing for a summer getaway.

Fall (Late September - Early December)

Anticipate crisp, sunny days with cooler temperatures in the evening. The average temperature is in the 60's. Pack jeans, a light jacket and some tennis shoes for outdoor exploration.