Hello Up In The Air!

Hello Weekend! Hello Up In The Air! It’s up, up and away in the BC with high-flying adventurous things to do in Ohio. Enjoy a fun getaway in Ohio in the treetops or floating peacefully in a hot air balloon, or if you’re looking for a more thrill seeking air adventure, test your skills on the water or free falling from the sky. Whether it’s a weekend with friends or family you’re looking for, The BC has events and attractions to keep you up in the air!


  • Start Skydiving and Team Fastrax – Take advantage of marking sky diving off your bucket list at Start Skydiving and Team Fastrax in Middletown.
  • Wake Nation (Fairfield) – Get on the water for wakeboarding, wakeskating, water skiing and kneeboarding, all without a boat on Wake Nation’s cable system. 

Ready to view the world from up top? Start your family friendly weekend getaways with a free Butler County Visitors Guide. Hello Up In The Air! Hello Weekend!