Donut Trail

Travel, Find, Devour
Grab a donut loving companion and head out on a sweet trail in Butler County, Ohio. Follow the trail markers to find the delicious mom-and-pop donut shops. Prep for your trail travels by downloading the map and passport. Once you've conquered all the donut shop stops with your passport you'll be rewarded!

*Please note the shops on the Donut Trail have varying days of operation and hours. Please be sure to check the shop’s website or Facebook page for current days and hours of operation while planning your trip. Please be aware that some donut shops are closed on Sundays and Mondays, and some shops will close for the day once they sell out, even if it’s before their scheduled closing time. Feel free to call ahead and ensure a shop is open as you travel.

butler county donut trail

Essential Trail Tools Make sure to download a passport.
You'll need it on your travels!


While traversing the trail use #DonutTrail  on your pics and posts to document your adventures! You May Encounter these Wild Donuts:

Fruity Pebbles
Tiger Tails
German Chocolate
Maple Bacon
Banana Pudding
Red Storm Roll
Pineapple Fritter

butler county donut trail
Learn more about our donut shops!

You've Completed the Trail, Now What?
Visit the BCVB or mail your passport in for your reward! Only those who complete this conquest will receive the exclusive Butler County Donut Trail T-shirt. Not only will you have a sweet new T-shirt, you'll unlock Donut Trail discounts. Make sure to wear your Donut Trail T-shirt and take advantage of these deals and promotions!

donut trail t-shirt

The 2019 T-Shirt was designed by local designers Anthony Garay and Alice Jacob.
Want more details? Visit the Donut Trail FAQ Page
New! Donut Trail Experience Tour
The Butler County Visitors Bureau has partnered with Cincy Brew Bus to take you to four of the Butler County Donut Trail shops for an exclusive experience. The experience will offer behind-the-scenes tours, exclusive samplings, and more sweet surprises along the way. Learn more about this new delicious tour here!
Happy Donut Trail Travels!