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Donut Trail GeoTour

One Sweet GeoTour

15 Caches

Amazing Trackable Donut Geocoin

Lots of Fun and Adventure Along the Way!
Donut Trail GeoTour

At each cache fill in your GeoTour Passport with the official GeoTour code word. Conquer all the caches and code words, log your caches at Geocaching.com and we'll reward you with a shiny new Donut Trail trackable Geocoin!*
*Please note that the Donut Trail GeoTour is not the same as the Butler County Donut Trail
The Donut Trail GeoTour Passport does not suffice the requirements of the Butler County Donut Trail
Only GeoTour coins will be rewarded*
Butler County Donut Trail Geocoin
Essential GeoTour Tools 
You'll need the official Passport on your travels!

Make sure to download a GeoTour Passport

Geotour Passport

You've Completed the GeoTour, Now What?
Visit the Travel Butler County office or mail your passport in for your Geocoin! Only those who complete this challenge will receive the collectible Butler County Donut Trail Geocoin.

Travel Butler County is open Monday - Friday 8:30AM-5PM.

8756 Union Centre Blvd. West Chester, Ohio 45069

Tour Tips with the Geocaching Vlogger

Good luck and don't let the sugar crash your caching!
Donuts from Donut Trail
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