• May 25

    Nano No More

    DogBerry Brewing is expanding and it’s bigger and better than ever. I sat down with the owners, Chris Frede and Tony Meyer, and got an exclusive look at DogBerry 2.0. When I first walked into the new space, I was excited by how big it was. To my right were

  • May 17

    Summer Sips

    Summer is just around the corner: the days are getting longer, the school year is coming to a close, and summer nights are upon us. It’s finally getting warm outside, and it’s important to stay hydrated, so why not try the amazing summer sips Butler County has to offer? Whether

  • May 17

    Holiday Auto Theatre - Hamilton, Ohio

    As summer approaches it is time to start planning how you will unwind and relax with the family. Why not take a break, lay back, and smell the popcorn? The Holiday Auto Theater is a staple of Butler County that has been treating audiences to double features from the comfort