Art and Impact: InsideOut Studio

As you leave the sidewalk of High Street in Hamilton, and walk through the door you'll feel the impact of InsideOut Studio.

It’s a studio

It’s an art gallery

It’s a retail space

But it’s also so much more

InsideOut Studio


For the first time, a group of talented artists are excited to have their own brick-and-mortar store where visitors can shop.

Rhonda Brown, explains, “InsideOut Studio is an art studio for adults with developmental disabilities. We market, exhibit and sell their artwork and our artists receive 50% of each sale. We have artists that are motivated to create art for a paycheck and we have artists that just love the artistic process, either way all of our artists are proud of their accomplishments.”

InsideOut Stained Glass


Over 100 artists have found a supportive studio environment where they can produce, market and earn an income. This opportunity for creative expression and income through art, cultivates freedom and independence.

Brown shared that; “Our artists all enjoy working in the studio with Stephen Smith, our Art Educator and Amanda Joy Dennewitz. Our artists are proud of their artworks and are happy when someone appreciates their hard work. They love attending exhibition openings to see their art on display and to watch people admiring the art. They are really excited that we have a retail store to sell their art and they can't wait to start working in the new studio so people can watch them create.”

InsideOut Glass Bowl


InsideOut artists create a beautiful array of pieces in mediums including glass, clay, paintings, mosaics and mixed media. The talented staff at InsideOut Studio will help artists experiment with any medium they would like to explore.

One of those talented staff is Stephen Smith. He expressed, “It has been my pleasure to serve as Art Education Coordinator at InsideOut Studios.  I get to work along side some of the most fun and interesting artists on a daily basis and share their successes and challenges as they go through the creative process. We love to highlight our artists abilities and talents, and will soon be able to share their amazing work and personalities with the public as we move into our new studio and retail space in downtown Hamilton.”

InsideOut Glass Art


With each and every visit to the retail shop you’ll find new and exciting pieces. 

If you’re in store and see something you like, but other colors would be better for your décor? No problem! You can commission an artist to craft a custom piece. 

The art is truly unique and made with passion and purpose. Every time you shop at InsideOut Studio you’re making a difference. To learn more and meet the artists, stop in their space in downtown Hamilton or visit

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