Dutchess, Nation Road Horse Farm
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Meet the Animals of Butler County

Come meet some of the cutest residents of Butler County.

Cats, dogs, horses... even turtles! We love our local businesses, and we especially love their friendly companions. If you visit any of the places below, don't forget to say hi to these special friends.

Honey + Odis

Liberty Farm Market

Goats Honey and Odis, Liberty Farm Market

A trip to Liberty Farm Market means more than shopping; siblings Honey and Odis love visitors. They are always grazing and playing in their pasture right outside of the market. Further back on the farm, you can also get a glimpse of the farm cows— including Duke, who is famous for his great escape in 2019.


Garver Family Farm Market

Case the Farm Dog

This adorable puppy is Case; she is a farm dog in training, learning how to help with future harvests at the Garver Family Farm Market. She's always happy to learn all there is to know about being a working farm pup... and give snuggles of course. 

Koda + Dutchess

Nation Road Horse Rental

Koda the Baby Pony

Meet Koda, the new pony foal at Nation Road Horse Rental. In August 2022, Rosie-Pony gave birth to this adorable colt. Dutchess is the beauty pictured below; she is an 18 year-old Spotted Draft Horse and one of the 21 trained horses for trail rides at Nation Road.

Dutchess the Horse

Dutchess also helps pull carries, wagons, and equipment on this family-owned farm. She has been with Nation Road since March 2018, where owner Judy Sheard renamed her, wanting to give her a regal title. "Dutchess is a sweet mare with loving eyes. To watch her run is like poetry in motion," Judy says.

Lilly + Porter

Delhi Flower and Garden Center

Lilly the Cat

On the prowl, siblings Lily and Porter can be spotted around Delhi Flower and Garden Center. They love lounging around, laying in the sun, and receiving pets from all the shop's customers. Lilly is pictured above and Porter is pictured below. 

Porter the Cat

You can tell the difference between the two because Porter has more white fur around his neck and paws. 


Start Skydiving

Ria the Service Dog

Meet the loyal and adventurous Via; a service dog who is always hanging out at Start Skydiving. She is sweet as can be and has even been skydiving with her owner! As a trained military service dog, Ria is very good at her job, but (with permission) she enjoys love from fellow skydivers too.


Thimble Gardens

Yertle the Turtle

When shopping at Thimble Gardens, be on the look out for a red balloon floating around. It's tied to Yertle so he's easy to find! Hint: he's at the very bottom of the photo. Yertle is the family's Rescued Box Turtle. He was a rescue living in the educational system for years because he could not be released back into the wild. Yertle is also a Manager at Thimble Gardens, so you may see him inspecting the shop and ensuring amazing customer service.

Ralph + Alice

Nesting Along the Great Miami River

Bald Eagles Ralph + Alice

Last but not least is Butler County's favorite couple... Ralph and Alice. These stunning Bald Eagles have had over 7 successful mating seasons at their nest along the Great Miami River. Although the nest is located in Hamilton, Ralph and Alice can be spotted flying all around the county. 


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