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Pops of Local Color

Flowers form a bit of a symbiotic relationship with those who care for them. Through nurturing, consistent attention from their planters, they grow and flourish. Their beauty becomes a patient reward for the time and effort that’s poured into them. The Two Little Buds team have blossomed from this fruitful relationship. These immensely talented florists have grown their business from the ground up. Each and every beautiful bloom comes straight from their cut flower farm, Morning Sun Flower Farm. What began as wedding and event floral work has widely expanded; their brand-new Hamilton shop creates a “farmer’s market” style environment. The incredibly open space and gorgeous gold lettering encourages patrons to stop in, browse, and pick their own local bouquets for their homes.

Two Little Buds interior

Plant. Nourish. Grow. Flourish.

Morning Sun Flower Farm was built upon a dream. Mindy Staton and her mother, Alice Stone, attended a flower workshop held by prominent floral designer, Erin Benzakein of Floret. They soaked up every bit of knowledge like sunflowers basking in the sunlight’s glow. They returned home full of inspiration and big ideas. 

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Mindy and Alice became enamored with the thought of owning their own flower farm. The sustainability and creativity it offered them was exactly what they needed to flourish Two Little Buds. In 2016, these incredibly talented and ambitious women brought their dream to fruition. Spread across two beautiful acres of Oxford farmland, lies the stunning blooms of Morning Sun Flower Farm.  

Two Little Buds

From Farm to Vase

The shop is beyond adorable. Fresh cut flowers from their farm sit atop crisp white shelves; the perfect greeting to this floral utopia. Edison lightbulb fixtures hang from the ceiling and the beaming faces of the Two Little Buds team help to make you feel right at home. 

 Two Little Buds Succulents

Similar to fruits and vegetables, flowers are best when they’re in season. Through an unheated greenhouse, commonly referred to as a hoop house, flower farmers are able to extend the season of their treasured blooms. By doing so, Mindy and her team can ensure that brides will have the Snap Dragons, Tulips, Anemones, Daffodils and more that they desire, no matter the season. Once the blooms are cut, they're taken straight to the Two Little Buds shop in Hamilton. 

Mindy in Hoop House

Mindy in the hoop house - Photo by: Two Little Buds

Mindy’s floral designs are never cookie-cutter. Her creations are full of interesting colors and textures, looking naturally beautiful and home grown. 

Stop in Thursday & Friday 10AM-7PM or Saturday 10AM-4PM to experience the beauty of locally grown flowers. 


Two Little Buds

17 North D St.

Hamilton, Ohio 45013



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